Damn you Best Buy, and the Rolling Stone you rode in on.

Best Buy scores marketing coup in deal for Rolling Stones’ DVD set

Let me start with this. I don’t own a single Rolling Stones’ CD/LP/cassette/DVD, and I don’t really want to.


What the hell is the exclusive selling rights thing?
I do shop at Best Buy, but for computer components. I almost never buy music there. Realistically, their selection sucks (read as “If it isn’t going platinum, BB isn’t likely to carry it”)

But this could mean that we the people can’t get new music for 3-4months, except for Best Buy.

So this isn’t an isolated thing for Best Buy. Well, Best Buy, you can kiss the small part of my music purchases that you do get good bye.

Per the link, several stores and chains are considering, or have already, removing the Rolling Stones material from their stores. Good for them. I hope that catches on. Send the message to the artists/recording companies that we don’t like the shitty deal they are trying to give us.

I’m pretty sure its situations like this that Kazaa was created for. :slight_smile:

And then the RIAA claims downloading is ruining thier profits.

Perhaps the music industry is trying to follow the DeBeers model and restricting availability to drive up prices?

No wait! It’s all clear to me now! They restrict sales on a popular (-) band, then when sales are lackluster, they attribute the loss of profits as being due to downloading and start suing for even bigger settlements. That way, they keep the overhead down, (Not so many cd’s made), and still get the cash.

I worked at Best Buy when I was in High School back in the mid-90’s. Back then I thought their music selection was awesome. Then again, I got deep discounts on a lot of the CDs, and my musical tastes weren’t quite as developed as they are now.

Makes you wonder who Best Buy is marketing to.

According to the BBC


I’m pretty sure that if somebody buys something that nobody else has, it’s OK to steal some of it. Right?

OOH OOH! I want to pit Best Buy!

I quit working there about two weeks ago.

What? You want us to hire more help for the holidays? FUCK YOU, you just need to work harder. What? You want more hours if we’re not hiring anymore people? FUCK YOU, you get 10 hours a week, and that’s it.

ahem. uh, the RS thing sucks too.

It has gotten worse. All the Best Buys by me have made their music sections smaller and smaller.

The last time I tried to buy a CD there they din’t have it. So I asked it they could order. They to buy it online. So thanks to their great customer service I will never buy aCD there again.
I used to work there, too. One day they had some of us from the media department come in in the morning for stocking. They had these forklift things called “Big Joes”. None of us we were certified to use these. The assistant manager basically threatened our jobs because we wouldn’t use one. A coulpe of weeks later a baby was killed in MN (I think) when an employee dropped a TV off one of these. Hard to figure out how that could happen.

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You need a smilie to convey the irony that I “hear” in this post. If you didn’t mean to be sarcastic, then see the above message.

For the Straight Dope

What I wonder is how big a deal is the RS DVD? I enjoy their music (really their older stuff) but I am not dying to get my hands on a copy of this DVD. The only CD of theirs I have is the 40 Licks CD and that is more than enough for me.

I would be amazed if there were lines of people waiting outside a Best Buy to get their hands on this.

If I never shop in a Best Buy or buy another RS product my life will not be any less fufilling.

I always go to Future Shop (Canada’s Best Buy) for my CDs! It’s mostly because it’s cheaper there. I can get a new release CD for ~$13 while at the music stores, they go for ~$17. And since I purchase quite a few CDs in a year, it all adds up. I’m usually able to find what I want too.

I’m going to burn in hell for shopping there, aren’t I?

In the absence of small mom and pop record stores…no.

Either way you give money to a large chain.

So? Go large chains!