Damn You, Dean Koontz!

(This is to be considered satire, okay?)

I just finished your latest novel Your Heart Belongs To Me. I read it in one day, and now I am out of something to read, dammit.

Get your wife Gerda to chain you to your computer and write another Odd novel, I love those!


That’s the end of my rant, I just have a voracious appetite for reading and lately, Koontz seems to have discovered a heretofore latent sense of humor which I appreciate and I suddenly can’t seem to get enough of his work.

Used to be I would only ever buy King novels in hardback, but since he stopped the cocaine and Listerine, I have to be really careful lest I buy a loser novel such as Lisey’s Story.

Duma Key is good, but so far, nothing I have seen can top The Stand or 'Salem’s Lot.

But this post is about Koontz and my new respect for him as a writer.