Damn you, Hamadryad!

Heh…Coldfire said “Jesus Lizard”…

Great band.

end hijack…

I’ve talked with you at a fair number of Doper gatherings, and I can say that there’s no truth at all in that. You’re great fun to talk with and hang out with, and I’m looking forward to the next time I see you (MountainDope next month, I hope :)).

That fence wants “DOOM” scrawled across it for some reason…

Among the major reasons I want to travel half the world to join a dopefest sometime, “meeting Hama” counts among the top few!

By the way,** Hama, how YOU doin’? **

Oh, fer chrissakes.

I only linked here because I thought it was hysterical the turnaround that a mere year and a half can show.

Then again…a year and a half in Internet time is, like, 10 years of meatspace time, right?

I have to thank Weirddave for double-posting, though. Now THAT’S funny.

Not to me Hama. Always have been, always will be on my list of dopers-I’d-like-to-meet.

But only if you promise to explode into another HamaFlirtRant[sup]TM[/sup]


Not to hijack this thread or anything…

But it’s about time for a get-together between the BaltoWash group and the Tarheel Dopers – and Richmond’s about halfway between.

Anybody wanna suggest a good place to meet (preferably near I-95 so everybody from out of town has less chance of getting lost) and start a 'Fest thread?

Hama’s a vixen in RL. You don’t know whether to follow her around with a permanent leer or to laugh yourself sick at the pearls of sarcasm she lets loose when she’s comfortable enough to do so. I loves me some Hama.