Damned fruit punch...

This is a lame rant, yes.

So I’ve spent the last 2 weeks putting together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of The Simpsons. It’s done Waldo style. and has all the characters on it. Not an especially challenging puzzle, but a time consumer nonetheless. I finished it Friday morning, got some of that spiffy puzzle glue, and bonded the damn thing together. It was on a card table in my living room, drying. My plan was to frame it, and hang it on my wall.

I should have moved it when I had the chance, but I left it sitting just a day longer than necessary.

My sister had a glass of fruit punch, and set it on the table. (Anyone see where this is going?) While getting up, she managed to knock the glass onto the table, drenching the puzzle.

Two weeks of work, covered in bright red fruit punch. The charecters all have a pink tint to them. Cute, but not the look I was going for. Back to the toy store I go…

Why, oh why, couldn’t she have been drinking water?

Of course, you could’ve spray painted it black, framed it, and titled it: The Future of Original Television

Back to the toy store? No way! Hang it as is, it’s perfect, like NCB said, it makes a Major Artistic Statement about American Media Culture.

Call it “Fruit Punch Simpsons”. Absolutely.

Perhaps some bleaching here and there, it could become your version of a Simpsons menage with Picasso’s Guernica!

So long as you include the horse with flared nostrils.

or just beat the hell out of your sis, and make her buy and make a new one


I’m honored your 100th post was in my thread. Congrats!

Just curious, but why would you want to hang something like that on your wall? I know it takes forever to do a puzzle, but it’s not exactly home decor.

I’m sure Pammipoo can speak for herself here, but in my experience gluing and hanging up the puzzle that you’ve just completed is not an uncommon thing to do for hardcore puzzle people.

Some people have hobbies. Gluing down jigsaw puzzles as decor is not all that uncommon. I have a friend who has a wall clock that makes bird calls. It looks hideous. Some people seem to like crochet or to display afghan blankets and macrame and paintings that they made themselves and LP covers or Hummel figurines or collectible plates featuring Star Trek characters of Princess Di or Thomas Jefferson, or gods-eyes made from yarn and popsicle sticks or late-strike Rembrandt prints they picked up in the museum gift-shop. De gustibus non disputandum.

My apartment is far from high class decorating…until we save up the cash to properly furnish, we have scattered pieces of furniture, and random wall hangings. When framed decently, a puzzle can make an awesome picture. Besides, The Simpsons are all pretty cool characters.

[sub] Not to mention, I’m so proud I got all 1000 pieces in place…[/sub]