Damuri Ajashi, you are a moronic troglodyte of a crackpot

It’s been a while since I’ve so dearly wished I could send someone careening into the nearest dungheap, Biff-style.

Your inability to put two and two together is sincerely baffling and I regret having wasted the time debating such a hopelessly narrowminded twat. You don’t understand statistics, you don’t understand college admissions, you don’t know how to put together a consistent argument, and you’re full of shit (especially your Rice story).

Arggg. Retarded. I pray I never have to debate you again.

He combines the qualities of being powerfully stupid, invulnerable to introspection, militantly sure of his positions and utterly unable to manipulate even the simplest logical constructs. His contribution to the board is worth than worthless. The best bet is generally just to beat the hell out of him with facts and logic and then let him hang himself with a rope o’ dumb. Don’t let him get you upset though, he’s an intellectual flyweight and really is harmless. He just babbles, is all.

Pray don’t hold it against other Rice alums.

Sad to say he’s made me lose quite a bit of faith in my alma mater.

In the 80s, we tried to avoid admitting clueless douchebags. Not that his story makes any damned sense in any case.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, though. I have rarely seen anyone suffer from such a severe case of head-up-ass (Auto-proctology isn’t a Rice major) and opted out of that thread.

A link to a whole thread with 236 posts with no quotes or even one specific example of what you’re pitting = FAIL.

When come back, bring quotes and/or direct links!

The last half of the thread is full of quotes. I could quote but I’d basically be citing every post he’s made in that thread. Seriously. Almost every single point he tries to make is just a complete fail.

He claimed to have a high enough SAT to be flown in on Rice’s dime, which is complete bullshit. He also lays claim to a high LSAT, which is also bullshit.

I have 2400 SAT1/2400SAT2/179 LSAT and there’s no way in hell a moron like that has the stats he’s claiming.

The Fail Remains the Same.

Yeah, I called him on that (I think that post got lost in the flood). The entire Rice administration, much less the admissions office, was only a handful of people well into the 80s.

The stench of BS rises mightily from all the bogus, unsubstantiated claims.

In that case, the SOP (Standard Of Pitting) would be to quote the most egregious example so that anybody reading this thread could nod in agreement with your premise without having to wade through the thread.

Also, if you’re going to perpetrate a weak pitting, the least you could do is dress it up with some profanity and more cutting insults to disguise its shortcomings.

Here are a funny few:

Sure, correlation doesn’t imply causation. You’re looking at a regression – a correlation – involving SAT scores and insisting that it’s the cause of the higher admission rates, and then, based on this, you’re concluding that Asians are disadvantaged by a ratio of 3 to 1 compared to whites. I’ve already explained to you the other more likely reason for the findings behind that regression.

Between Damuri and brickbacon:

Is this a joke? You just said:

Are you high or something?

Some examples of pettifogging and backpedaling/conflating language.

BS score claims:

You’re simply looking for an attribute that crops up more often and then assuming that attribute was used in the judgment process in a more profound way than it actually was.

A more obvious example – if you don’t understand it this time, so help you: Let’s say I want to hire people on a team. I hire people who have dark skin – my goal is dark skin only. I hire many black people, and maybe a few dark-skinned asians/whites/etc. You decide to look at the data. You notice that 95% of the applicants have brown eyes and 5% have green or blue eyes. You erroneously conclude that I am selecting against people with light eyes and claim that if your eyes were dark, your chances would improve multiple times over.

The reality: When news of this gets out and many light-skinned people with dark eyes apply, they find that they get rejected just the same.

No, they’re factors – they just stop mattering past a certain point due to tail variance (as well as dubious marginal value). The central question over the years has been “What exactly is the SAT measuring?” Admissions officers have been trying to water it down in importance for a while now because it’s not particularly useful for their purposes.

And yes, the analogy is useful because it’s revealing the sort of erroneous logic you’re using, here.

Drops direct evidence from an admissions officer that scores stop mattering so much at upper thresholds: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=14773256&postcount=206

The only reason I showed you the AI was to show you that hairs don’t get split. This is further substantiated by the link I just showed you. The AI is just a rough heuristic tool built from correlations. By itself, it still doesn’t factor in a huge number of variables that are included in admission. It was probably a mistake to show it to you because you misinterpreted the results just like you misinterpreted the SAT results.

FixMyIgnorance: I don’t think you understand the concept of burden of proof. You’re the one claiming something exists (anti-Asian discrimination). The onus is therefore on you to prove that it exists. The onus is not on everyone else to prove a negative (which, in many cases, cannot be done). There has been, however, lots of evidence to suggest that your claims are baseless, and there is no evidence in your favor directly indicating your position.

There have already been references to material in this thread that indicate no proof of such discrimination.

brickbacon: Because you can’t prove something doesn’t exist. Is this really such an alien concept to you?

I will post more later if anyone asks… there are just too many. He also gave a cite whose author didn’t even support his view:

<nods in agreement with the premise of this pitting>

Better late, than never!

Yep. It’s like arguing with a lemon.

Why would you lose faith in your alma mater? Are you under the impression that Rice (or any school for that matter) doesn’t admit the ocassional clueless douchebag (I mean Harvard admitted Fix My Ignorance after all). I didn’t end up going to Rice but perhaps they sent me that unsolicited admission letter to fill their clueless douchebag quota.

For a guy who seems to think that SAT scores don’t really mean very much, you certainly mention them a LOT.

Oh yeah, and he’s still too stupid to figure out how to multiquote.
After years of posting here.

I don’t give a shit about the original pitting, but the above is prima facie evidence that you can have high SAT scores and still be a complete dumbass.

Dumbasses = people that argue for unfalsifiable nonsense without proof.

The reason I mention them is because I know how useless they are. High scores are a dime a dozen at Harvard. The entire thread you’re acting like they’re the key to admissions when they are just a baseline screen prerequisite. That being said, it’s pretty hard to get those scores/get into a top school if you’re a massive dumbass. Hence my point.

It also doesn’t rule out the possibility of lying about high SAT scores and being a complete dumbass. I just mention that hypothesis for completeness sake.