Dan versus Jenny

Dan Quayle and Jenny McCarthy are getting Married!!! :wink: Just kidding.He was pretty embarrassing(on tv).He was trying to be hip and funny,but it just doesn’t work!I can’t picture him at a party with a lamp on his head(maybe a couch pillow!).Maybe Jenny(on his head)

I’d like to think McCarthy has better taste than that…

Yer pal,

She’s with a guy who’s about the same age and income bracket, though.

“The world ends when I die. And as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the universe might as well call it a day too.” – Matt Groening

I was disappointed when I opened this thread. I thought it had to do with our board administrator and head techie guy finally duking it out over the search engine problems! :slight_smile:


You beat me to it, Melin!

And in that celebrity death match, I’ve got all my dough bet on the young lady with the tuba!

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

Well, dammit, I thought it was a Forrest Gump thread. Nevermind.
Al Gore could be the Antichrist, and Jenny McCarthy is a smelly old slut.
I really wanted to read a Gump thread.