Dance Academy (Australian TV Show)

Thanks to Netflix streaming, I recently discovered – and pretty much devoured the first two seasons of – Dance Academy, an Australian show about teen ballet students (think Fame, but ballet-only and set in Sydney)*.

Has anyone else seen this show? I just watched the last three episodes of the second season, and can’t believe how much I cried! :o Is it popular (with either teens or adults) in Australia?

Also, can anyone tell me when the third season is scheduled to air in Australia? All I can seem to find online is confirmation that there will be a third season.

*Yes, I know that I’m 40 years old and the show is aimed at teenagers. Aside from a few “Mrs. Robinson” moments, I don’t care. :smiley:

Yay! Another fortymumble female here who loves the show. The third season has been confirmed, so worry not. Haven’t heard anything about when it’ll premiere, because I’m avoiding spoilers. Y’see, I haven’t seen all of the 2nd season and I have heard that it induces tears but I have no idea why, so this’ll be my last post to the thread until I see it. I would not at all be surprised the tear-inducing-thing involves my favorite character being killed off or otherwise gotten rid of, because I’m the official Harbinger of Doom when it comes to characters I adore. (Seriously, I should be part of some scientific study to examine whether I somehow have subconscious precognition and masochism, a combination that makes me fall for certain characters who inevitably get killed off or otherwise leave their show because the actor’s fired or whatnot.)

Anyway, it’s enjoyable, funny, the kids have good chemistry, the focus is mostly on classical dance despite the forays into jazz and hip hop, and generally it feels like Degrassi Does Dance rather than a standard U.S. teen show, which would focus only on the sex. The kids are mostly good actors and dancers (though Sammy, my aforementioned favorite character, seems to have been cast for his sweet charm rather than dancing ability or looks–I mean he’s cute* but not on the order of the other guys on the show, and his dancing seems weak next to the other male dancers).

I wonder if it was the inspiration for the U.S.'s “Bunheads” show.

  • Er, cute for a zygote, which is all he can ever mean to me since I am fortymumble years old and he, at least on the show, is about 16 or 17ish.

I’m hoping that no one will post any open spoilers (i.e., without using a spoiler box)!

I wondered that, too, when I saw the first ad for Bunheads. Especially since I saw the ad shortly after I watched the S1 episode where Kat talks about being a “Betty bunhead.” :slight_smile: The US show looks kind of stupid to me, though, and I don’t plan to watch it.