Dancers Paid to Blend into Clubs?

Read a post in an outside forum (no cite, grow up) from a girl who used to work as 'ringer in a hiphop club ’ in Chicago. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this job? What exactly is the service the girls provide for the club? How common a practice is it?


Maybe she made money by having guys buy her drinks - some clubs and bars will do that, hire an attractive woman, whenever someone buys her a drink she gets something non-alcoholic that looks like what she ordered, and she gets a percentage of the cost of the drink.

Another term for this occupation is “B-Girl”. It works pretty much as Badtz Maru described.

I’ve known a few girls who did this. In their case, the bar paid them nothing up front. They worked on a percentage of how much a “sucker” spent.

It usually works like this: Lonely guy comes into the club for “just one drink”. The B-girl engages him in conversation and induces him to stay longer, buy more drinks, and buy her drinks also. The b-girl will order a drink of the correct color, and she is served tea instead. Of course, the guy pays for a real drink.

When the guy finally leaves the bar, the girl is paid whatever percentage was agreed upon beforehand.

This is an old con-game, but it still works a surprising amount of times.