Dangerous critters! I feel strangely let down...

I sometimes read threads here where people talk about seeing (for example) Brown Recluse spiders in their house. I’m partly amazed that you can have things living in your house that can cause serious injury, and partly happy that I need never worry about that happening here in Britain. Then I thought - hey we hardly have ANY venemous creepy crawlies in this country! Millions of years ago, when the continents where seperating, how did we get short changed?

America has the black widow, brown recluse, rattle snake. South America has the Brazilian Wandering spider, and numerous dangerous snakes. Australia seems to have got more than its fair share of deadly critters - Great White shark, Sydney Funnel Web spider, Redback spider, Box Jellyfish, Kind Brown snake. All extremely dangerous.

What did Britain get? The adder. The only venemous animal. All of our spiders are harmless. We have no dangerous jellyfish or sharks. Its not fair! Even parts of neighbouring Europe has venemous creatures. Is it the colder climate? Did all the really tough creatures emigrate? Or should I just be happy no-one has carried a mating pair of Brown Recluses over in their luggage?


I know I can find a black widow egg sac somewhere in my backyard, possibly more. All you have to do is send me an airline ticket and it can be yours!

Both my mother-in-law and I have been bitten by brown recluses, and turned out to be strangely resistant. I just hope that my daughter inherited the same trait. Feel fortunate that you don’t have to worry about them.

This thread is meant to be taken tongue firmly in cheek. It just seems like all the most venemous and dangerous creatures made for warmer climes - maybe they didn’t like the rainy wheather? :slight_smile:

Just to stir you up a bit. More people die yearly from being stung by wasps and bees than from being bitten by adders.