Dangerous Toy I Had As A Kid...

Forty-some years ago, I remember these little plastic cubes that you dropped into boiling water. The heat forced the plastic back to its memorized configuration and, viola! A little dinosuar, or a monkey, or a monster, or… you get the picture. Anyone remember what they were called and/or if they still exist today? Probably not around any more due to being a toxic by-product of the space program or because of burns caused by scalding water or red-hot stove eyes.

Ahhhhh… those were the days…

The Strange Change toy sounds like the thing.

Is there anything that the Doper Collective does not know?

:slight_smile: Thanks.

We had a Strange Change Machine, & we loved it.

Every kid wants to be a Mad Scientist.

Of course, we now have 1920’s Style Death Rays…

They’ve still got those foam toys which are compacted into a tiny capsule and expand when put in water. Sometimes they just keep expanding, but too slowly to actually impale anyone.

Hey, and how 'bout those deadly lawn darts…?

When I was about 10, a great uncle gave me a single shot .22 cal. rifle with the admonition to never point it at any one or any thing that was off limits shooting wise. Also a box of shells that were never to be loaded in the chamber till ready to shoot. Very unpc today. :dubious:

As to strange material behavior: cut a cube of plexiglas/lucite and place it in boiling water for a few minutes. Remove and clamp it in a vise to squeeze it to 1/2 of it thickness. Drill a centered circle of smallish holes. Clean and polish the holes. Reboil the piece till it regains its original shape and find the originally straight holes are now curved. :slight_smile: