Dangers of Nicotine

With cigarettes continuing to get taxed more and more, I foresee 3 things that will happen.

  1. Cigs are already becoming a black market item in some places, this will only get worse. No one likes paying $10 for a product that obviously costs about $1 to make.

  2. More people will quit/smoke less.

  3. People will start moving to chew/cigars/hand rolled cigs.

It’s point #3 that got me wondering… I tried quitting cigs about 5 years ago, and the nicotine gum back then was like $40 for a “quitting kit”, while a carton of smokes costed around $22.

I haven’t price checked nicotine gum lately, but I’m thinking it’s gotta be getting close to be the economically smarter way to get your fix in places like New York, where I here they are $8+/pack for the cheap brands. :eek:

So if someone takes up a nicotine gum habit, instead of inhaling smoke/putting in chew. what would the long-term effects be?