Dangers of plastic bottles and health

I’ve read about the dangers of certain plastic bottles (mostly bottled water), and was wondering if you folks think that even the so-called safe ones are OK. Perhaps if they are sitting in a delivery truck for hours in extreme heat before being delivered to the store; would this make them unsafe? On a related note, when an individual is making coffee, for example, in a Drip Coffee Maker, or a K-cup, does this process emit harmful chemicals? I would think it would, especially since the plastic in the coffee maker gets very hot, but I am definitely not an expert on the subject. Would like some opinions from you intelligent folks!

Any danger from water bottles or coffee makers has to be minuscule.
Thank about it - 1,500 bottles of water are consumed in the US every second! If there was a serious danger, people would be dropping dead all around you.
There is undoubtably a very small risk associated with plastics, but compared to all the other terrible things that people consume (trans fats, artificial sweeteners and colors, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. etc.), I would put their danger way down on the list of things to worry about.

Is trace plastic leachoff more dangerous than metals and other byproducts in tap water delivered through a water distribution network?

Unless you’re synthesizing your drinking water from pure oxygen and pure hydrogen and comsuming it right out of the flame exhaust, water will probably contain trace amounts of SOMETHING.

Also, consider the beneficial health impacts from consuming water or (to a lesser degree) coffee. Assuming the risks from ‘plastic chemicals’ entering your body are miniscule (an assumption, mind you), I would think the benefits of water or coffee would outweigh them.