Danville, IL area dopers

On this coming Saturday at 8:30 (central) and the Tuesday following it at 4:30 (central again), I’m going to be singing at the Festival of Trees in the David S. Palmer Arena. I would be delighted and much obliged if any of you came to see me.

If nothing else, just come to say hi to the big polar bear. :slight_smile:

Just thought of something I forgot. . .a setlist. Well, here we go:

Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
Good Riddance - Green Day
Mexico - Incubus
Wonderwall - Oasis
Jumper - 3rd Eye Blind

Superman’s Dead - Our Lady Peace
Acoustic #3 - Goo Goo Dolls
It’s Over - Goo Goo Dolls
No Distance Left to Run - Blur
Mafia - Our Lady Peace

Ahhhh Danville, my hometown. I’m in the deep south now but I sure wish I could be there for you.

Um, lemme see if I got this. You’re going to dress up in a polar bear costume and sing Goo Goo Dolls at the Festival of Trees?


[makes mental note not to get off at any Danville exits while on the way to Indianapolis in the future, as there’s obviously something in the water]

  • snerk *


Oh now. . .I’m not dressing up as the polar bear. . . .well. . .actually, that may not be a bad idea. . .:smiley:

And yes, for all you lady dopers out there, you can stare all you want, but touching would probably result in a severe beating by Mrs. Jimmy.

Well, shoot, Jim, I missed Saturday’s gig… and I was even downtown that afternoon. I was doing some frantic shopping for my dad’s birthday present in some of the antique stores.

Looks like I’m gonna miss tonight, too. Bummer. :frowning:

DDG, the water in Danville’s not all that bad. I mean, aside from the tic in my eye, there’s hardly anything wrong with me, and I’ve been drinking it for years! :smiley:

Diamonds, the show is this coming Saturday, the 16th, there’s still plenty of time for you to make it. I guess I should’ve been more specific. Sorry.

MrsJimmy here…and I have to agree with the stare but don’t touch remark by JimSox5.He’s MINE ladies! :smiley: The severe beating would hurt now too…cause I have a cast on my right arm. (no, not from beating someone) I’m the luckiest girl in the world…normally an exaggeration…but not in this case. Come hear him sing!!! He is amazing. Am I biased? yes! But is that the truth? Absolutely!!

Jim, I just caught the ad on D102 for the Festival this morning on my way to work. I’m glad to know that I didn’t miss it. I think my grandson would enjoy going this year.