Daowajan is learning about science the hippie way!

No, I’m not taking a summer class in ultraviolet lights and hydroponics. :wink:

I’m going on a summer biology program through the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. I’ll be in the gorgeous Boundary Waters for six weeks, canoeing around, learning to tell the difference between plants and earning a big fat biology credit. As I suck royally at conventional lecture-and-quiz science classes, this will be an experience.

I’m really excited. I went on school-sponsored canoe trips in the same area all four years of high school. At some point in my life, I want to be a guide in the boundary waters. I’ll have to get over my general weakling-ness first, though.

I better start working out. :slight_smile:

this summer i’m working for a month in SCA (student conservation association). i will be working in a national park somewere in the u.s.(i haven’t been placed yet) doing re-vegetation, trail maintenance and the like. After college, i want to be a wilderness guide/instructer/educator

Two summers ago, one of my roommates had an internship at Voyageurs Nat’l Park. She loved it there. Have fun, it sounds like it will be great. I just hope you remember plenty o bug spray.