Dark Angel

Agreed, Jessica Alba is hot. And I think she can probably act on a level better than the material the show gives her. In an episode a few weeks ago she had a dialogue with her friend (the black female one-don’t know her name) where she was going on about “hangin’ with my homegirls” that was just laughable.

But…the WB network’s show “Angel” (a spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is a much better show. Better acting, better writing, better concept, everything. But for some reason it hasn’t caught on with some people the way “Dark Angel” has. Why? I think “Dark Angel” was thought up to compete with “Angel,” since they fill the same time slot and have similar names. But “Dark Angel” is so obviously an inferior show, I can’t believe it has caught on with anyone.

I like it, because…uhhh… its cool and Jessica is hot. I also like Knight Rider and the A-Team though, whats wrong with corny?

aynrand, by dichotomy (a word I throw around way too much; I blame my peers for this bad habit via osmosis), I’m equating Rand with the highbrow and Dark Angel with the low (for, though one can lit crit anything, I think general opinion would agree with this valuation). So, voila, you’re somebody who appreciates material on both ends of the spectrum. And while this isn’t all that uncommon, given my length of exposure to English lit majors, it’s refreshing and unexpected.

As for what Lizard said about Angel vs. Dark Angel, isn’t the former more oriented towards girls while DA is obviously meant for the guys? This is my friend’s hypothesis (she’s an avid BVS and Angel watcher), though she thinks David Boreanez (sp?) is hot as hell, so she could be biased.

I thought somebody mispronounced my name… sorry
never mind.


hazel-rah hahaha. That was so well put I almost found myself not liking the show, lol. I would like to specifically mention, “…team mascot whose uniform was retrofitted for ‘sex kitten’ at the last second.” Incredible. :smiley: As well, “I will give them credit for putting the barcode on the back of her neck instead of between her breasts.” Classic. I bet they considered it!

But really, that’s interesting. I never really considered her character to be that shallow.


Er…? Why was that? Is that “out” now? Was she being “uncool”? :wink: I agree, though, it “feels” wierd in the show. But I love Original Cindy, she cracks me up.

KKBattousai Ah, I see. Well, as my OP might have hinted I don’t think Dark Angel is on the same level with professional wrestling or something. That is something I characterize as very low. Anyway, it isn’t masterpiece theater but again, I think the show strongly addresses alienation in many ways. Hell, if there was a more blatent motif for that show I can’t think of one. I especially liked the angles they put on some characters…not even all the “bad guys” are typecast. Remember the one with the daughter? But, still, I suppose one would qualify it as “lowbrow” since its main appeal, technically speaking, is a hot star, what I assume is a hot costar (logan), and action. Man, I hate even saying that…it REALLY makes it seem like wrestling. :frowning:

Really, I think the show is showing suprising depth. Its no Twin Peaks, but then, nothing is. :wink:

I love the show. While the dialogue is sometimes lame, the plots are generally engaging, and the continuity of the series puts it WAY ahead of most other shows.

I’m really hopingthey show a rerun of the epidode from two weeks ago (Tape got taped over). It sounds like an excellent one. Last week’s episode, while predictable, was still well done.

The only real complaint I have is that they made the evil supermen products of another government. When I saw a preview for their introduction, I thought they would turn out to be some of the X 5’s who didn’t escape, and worked for the government. This would have lead to some interesting moral dillimas for Max and the rest of the escapes (Do we kill our brothers and sisters, or try and “save” them?).
Consider the first seasons of other sci fi series, like Babylon5 or Star Trek, NG. Consider how well these series did once they hit their stride in later seasons. I hope Dark Angel has a long life.

I thought that too, actually. Although the little tidbit that the Reds were actually stronger than the Chimera kids made things more interesting, IMHO. I’m still sure they’ll have Max and co. fighting non-escaped X5s shortly. After all, Lydecker (sp?) got permission to use any means necessary.

Speaking of which, am I the only one that finds it odd that even the non goody goody X5s (Zack, Tina, others) aren’t using weapons either? I mean Max is the likable character, so she can’t go around slaughtering people, but Zack strikes me as more of a “the ends justify the means” kind of guy.

The Zach “ends justify the means” thing feels right-on. I know he was disappointed with Max, though… but I wasn’t. If Zach is gonna be such a prick about it, he can shove off.

He’s never really left the government program like Max has (well, is)…he’s still stuck in the same mindset. Now he’s just increased the number of enemies.

I was kinda worried about the whole Logan relationship thing. I was thinking, “geez, they’re not gonna start up already, are they?” Hell, I loved the personal tension I felt between Mulder and Scully in the X-Files… I wanted to give anything to see them together, all the while knowing that if it happened it wouldn’t be the same show.

In this case, for Dark Angel, it just further illustrates her alienation… it would take very little for them to “hook up,” apart from her situation and leftover personality traits from the government program. She tries to learn more about herself, but all the while the self-reliance dogma is there, ruining her every turn.

Maybe her and Original Cindy should hook up… lol.

hehe… if you liked that, aynrandlover, i’ve got more. keep it up and i’ll end up watching the show again!

My thinking went along the same lines! But then I thought they could hook up and immediately have hilarious relationship-ending mixups occur a la Bridget Jones. Of course I only saw them almost-kissing in the previews, and X-files has taught me not to buy that scam.

She’s alienated because she gives everyone attitude all the time for no reason, and the only people who can stand to be around her for more than five minutes are the ones who want to bed her. Zack is a weird exception, he has listened to too many Clash albums, and can now only conceive of human interaction in terms of military campaigns. You know, they remind me of goth girls and skinhead guys I knew in high school, who had the cause and effect exactly reversed. At least they were interesting and wouldn’t rat on you.

My roommate’s had a far tougher life than she has and he’s not a total bastard all the time. She should get over it and pick up some tips about how to use her super powers for cheap sight gags like Scott Baio in “Zapped!”

Also, they should change the name of the show to “The Jam Pony Hour” and follow the lives of all the other cariactures on the show instead feeding Max’s ego all the time by focusing on her the whole hour.

“Hi, I’m Original Cindy, and eventually I hope to stifle the neverending stream of mangled street slang coming out of my friend Max’s mouth by shoving her head between my legs. Did I mention I’m a lesbian? And that I’m black? And that I’m a black lesbian? It is so cool that I am best friends with Dark Angel. In this week’s episode, me and the other black character, Herbal Thought, take a trip to San Francisco because we heard they have a courthouse there where you can legally get your name changed, and all of a sudden the rest of the het white Jam Pony gang are gagging for street cred like fish out of water. Will we come back? Would you?”

“Hi, I’m Pikachu! I can shoot electricity out of my cheeks! My evolved form is Darkangel, who shoots withering irony from her mouth, even if you’re just asking her what time it is. Me and Ash just arrived, can you tell us where the Jam Pony Gym is? We must do battle!”

There are so many unexplored possibilities.

If I had her abilities and her hangups, I would just rob everybody blind and shack up with that hottie Eyes Only, and his roommate/physical therapist/lover with the unlikely, but 1000% hip-hop moniker “Bling.” Bling? Oh was that the doorbell? No that’s my roommate! Yes, it’s time for some good old-fashioned genetic manipulation. Come to bed, boys.


Introducing hazel-rah, who can integrate Scott Baio, Pikachu, and lesbian desire into a single post…and have it work!

“Herbal Thought”, oh shit! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is too much. I’l never see this show the same again.

Still though, I think she’s a bitch due to her past, and her sense that she must remain independant, but clearly feels urges to associate. You know, the whole “I hate people but love gatherings” thing. :wink:

Talk about shacking up with Eyes Only, I know. In one of the earlier episodes where she was “in heat” due to her cat genes (:rolleyes: @ that, lol) I can’t believe she went for that one dork.

Ah, television: rest assured it will let you down.

Oh, and I still love the show.

Personally, I’m just wondering why everyone drives a Pontiac Aztec and owns a 22" Apple Studio Screen and G4 computer in the future.

Are Mac’s shielded from EMP or something?

About Logan and Max getting together in bed, here’s what I think should happen: Max is very unsure about sex because of a traumatic incident in her past. When she was thirteen she went into heat for the first time, and immediately got pregnant. In her second month she miscarried a severely deformed fetus; now she’s afraid that she can never have children due to her screwed up genes, and doesn’t trust her sexual feelings because she associates them with being out of control. She’ll eventually sleep with Logan, but not untill after a much longer courtship.

And I’m certain that it’ll turn out that the Manticore cells transfused into Logan are growing inside him like a cancer, threatening his life.

The two best scenes so far: When Max cried at the wedding; and when Original Cindy warned Max on the phone by talking about finding (IIRC) a “good looking stud”. Priceless!

Spoofe, I am distressed that you have apparently failed to appreciate that Happiness is a warm Bozar. Someday I will adopt a cat called Dogmeat.

No, but their manufacturer is smart enough to cough up an endorsement fee! (As is GM.)

Jessica Alba is cute, and the show is watchable (compared to, say, Black Scorpion), but it is kind of dumb. I was really hoping the show would be better so that I could say that I wasn’t watching it just because of the cute chick, but there you go.

First of all, this is got to be the mildest post-apocalypse world I’ve ever seen. There’s talk about scarcity, but people still seem to have a lot of crap. They show us some open-air markets, and we’re supposed to think civilization is in shambles. Oh my god, where have all the Wal-Marts gone?

The show builds on a sort of grrrrrl power' schtick, but it shows bizzare ambiguity about gender issues. In one episode, Jessica becomes extremely horny due to cat genes’ [sneeze]BULLSHIT[/sneeze], and just when it looks like the writers of the show are going refusing to play the madonna/whore game, suddenly Max’s friends start ragging on her for being a slut' and by the end of the episode she is clearly established as a madonna. In another episode, Max is mistaken for a prostitute by a hotel clerk who tries to collect a house cut, and instead of getting mad that she's been perceived as a prostitute, she gets mad that the clerk is shaking down the sisters.’ So, what are we supposed to think? It’s okay to be a prostitute, but not okay to be a slut?

There wasn’t a nuclear war; terroists detonated one EMP bomb, which fried most of the USA’s electronic assets. The economy collapsed when most of the country’s wealth (in the form of ones and zeros) was erased, similar to the great stock market crash of 1929. Europe and the Pacific Rim took all the business that used to be ours, and the country never recovered. In the Dark Angel future, the USA has sunk to the status of a third world country. It isn’t that technology has disappeared, just that 99% of the population can’t afford it.

  1. She is hot, in a too bony, lip-injected, eurotrash sort of way. Not my favorite type, but I don’t avert my eyes, either.
  2. She can’t fight. She can’t even pretend to fight. Thanks to special effects, a dedicated coreographer, good stuntment, and suspension of disbelief she manages to fake it almost well enough that I can keep my disgust from showing. If she sang this well, she could be milli (vanilli is still out of her league).
  3. Anyone who has ever contriuted to her “tough-grrrrl” dialogue, even if they just made a bad joke that some hac scriptwriter overheard and failed to get, should have their forebrain removed to prevent future linguistic catastrophes.

I think the lack of disgust stems from (1) :wink:

Really, though, I like fight flicks, and I think the show’s are better than some regular martial artists’ fights scenes. Van Damme, for one, Segal for another (who I think is really cheesy). Just because you know how to fight doesn’t mean it looks like it. Jackie Chan is about the only guy who impresses me, and that’s because he gets hit in his fights (whereas other movies, the hero is well-nigh invincible [sub]except when he needs to get his ass kicked so there is some sort of plot—revenge![/sub]). Max, as well, took some serious beatings in the last few shows. Two weeks ago, IIRC, if Logan hadn’t popped in she would have bit it then and there.

Last Teusday’s episode was awesome on the fights, I thought. It’ll get better as she gets used to it. If the show runs another season, which seems likely, I think we’ll all be a little more impressed.

Truth is, the shows not bad enough to be on USA but not good enough to get on NBC. Which is right where I like them. If FOX puts it out, I’ll watch that before anything else.[sub]mainly because I’m too cheap to spring for cable and I only receive FOX of all the local stations![/sub]

Anyway, thanks all for the opinions. My fears of its cancellation have flown away to the dark cupboards in Twin Peaks. Now, the next burning IMHO lends itself to Matrix2… is Moss still a hottie? In the ship big enough for the human race? Is the ship really in the real world? Stay tuned!

They did. Go rent ‘Tank Girl’.

She’s gorgeous, I agree.

(and replacing “tits” with “charisma” was pretty obvious)