Dark Angel

OK, this is sorta an MPSIMS but I do want some HO on this…

I love the show. I LOVE the show. Let me state this as clearly as possible. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW.

However, many of the people I talk to find it kinda dumb. I think its a perfect representation of techno-alienation, rebellion against centrism, and it has a hot chick in it as well. The guy (logan) ain’t bad either, sort of a modern Don Johnson (no, not Miami Vice!!).

Watchyall think?

Seeing fifteen minutes of it spread throughout three episodes isn’t enough to make a complete judgment, but I HATE this show. I AM IN HATE WITH THIS SHOW. The action is pathetic Hong Kong/Matrix-wannabe ripoff junk, Jessica Alba doesn’t seem to be able to act, and her “tough chick” lines make me cringe. Actually, I find the whole “she’s a chick who KICKS BUTT” promotion more insulting to women than “liberating.” Alba was better as the homophobic teen mother in two episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Now THAT’s TV.

I never miss it!!

Its based on a comic IIRC, and its supposed to be a bit cheesy and overdone - I totally love it!

Watch it every week. Enjoy it. Learning the people’s names, how they react to each other. The style takes some getting used to.

Like it. The future world displayed in the show is not entirely unconvincing, despite the obvious budget restrictions, and there is an interesting political edge to the plots.

The scripts tend to vary wildy in quality, but the one last week, with the amped-up South African hit men, was brilliant, IMO.

Alba doesn’t always hit the right notes, but her charisma goes along way towards making up for it…

Those WERE the days.

Anyway, glad to hear support for it. I’m worried about it going the way of the dodo, even though I’ve been taping every episode. hopefully they don’t waste any time bringing it to DVD…

While it’s not going to appeal to some people, I like Dark Angel. In particular I like how the show has an ongoing “arc”, and I await each episode curious to see what’s going to develop. Compared to such moronivision shows like Knight Rider or The A-Team, it’s clear the creators take this show seriously.

I like it too. And not only because some of the outfits they pour Alba into are simply scandalous. Personally, I think it’s a fairly well thought out (minus some anachronisms) and well written show. Yes they overdo/overwrite her “tough girl” act, but this serves nicely to make her soft side so much cuter, IMHO.

No, although I’ll admit the dialogue still needs some tweaking, it does hit all the right points on plot. Like Lumpy says, the fact that it has an arc puts it ahead of most television (including Buffy in it’s first season or two, IIRC). I like what they’re doing with the other Manticore kids (I could’ve sworn they wouldn’t have shown up until the end of the season), and the episodes with the Reds were excellent too. Of course, I also watch a lot of anime, and therefore appreciated the “powering up” aspect of the episode.

So, yeah, it has its ups and downs, but it’s in its first season and looks to be hitting its stride fairly well. And since they seem to be following all the right formulas in my book, I’m looking forward to seeing where they’re going.

And, aynrandlover if you don’t mind my asking, how does someone who likes Ayn Rand also like Dark Angel? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but as with my literature prof that’s an avid Buffy/Angel watcher, dichotomies such as this interest me.

I am personally insulted that anyone would compare Dark Bimbo to The A-Team or Night Rider. It’s dumb, dumb, dumb. James Cameron will never be able to redeem himself for the boat movie, especially with this crap.


What I like about Dark Angel is the similarity of the show’s setting (future, post-war, civilization collapsed) to the two Fallout games. Although I’d much rather see a battle between some Slavers and some Robbers… watch out, he’s got a SMG!

Down here in Nu Zild we’ve just had episode three. I like it a lot – the characters, the setting, the script at times. And the overall sense of utter cool style. Yeah. Count me in the league of fans.

Dark Angel Rocks!!

The show’s dialog writers still need some help, but the plot lines have improved since the first episode. It’s no Babylon 5 (But then what is?) but it’s entertaining. It’s far above the mindless soap opera drek of 90215, the A-team’s complete inability to actually hit anything, and the hideous acting of that frizzy haired guy in Knight Rider.

Dark Angel is like …well, lets just say I think the creators read a Shadowrun source book one night on a dare while drunk off their asses then sat down to write this show. Too bad they couldn’t remember enough of the material to make it interesting.

In general I like the show, but the writers seem unsure about some of the details with the setting. The role of the police, for example, seems to change weekly (they’re militaristic, now they’re like cops today, now they are all corrupt … ), or things like everyone walking around with cell phones and laptops, but they have to steal electricity. It just feels disjointed and discontinuous (is that a word?)

I like it. I like the kick-ass girl who wears leather and rides a motorcycle. Whats not to like about that?

On the flip side, I don’t consider it anything earth shattering. The writing isn’t that award winning and the plots aren’t great.

I guess I’d have to say that while I really like the show, that’s not really a fact I advertise. And I think anyone would be justified in making fun of me because I like it.

Yummy though Jessica Alba might be, her character is as interesting as watching angry paint drying. Zzzzzzz. A character who’s that perpetually somber and snotty is just plain boring. Attitude is no substitute for personality.

Seeing that show just makes me pine all the more for “Max Headroom.”

Er? I don’t see the dichotomy, so I can’t enlighten :frowning:

Ah, the electricity. Not everyone has to steal it, you know. And laptops and cell phones run of batteries. though discontinuous is a word, I don’t think it applies there…

Last Wed’s episode here in the US…in the scene where she has just burst through the window? (trying not to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet). Man. She was so damn hot with those eyes…like they were. LOL.

I really like the fact that she’s outwardly cold, but inwardly open… its a classic struggle between what we’re told to be and who we are, and the discovery of that.

Well, its no Odipus Rex or anything, but for TV I think its a real winner.

I watched it for a while, because I couldn’t not give any show set in a post-apocalyptic city a chance. It’s so riotously awful I got a kick out of it, but one week I missed it, and then I just… stopped. I might watch it again.

Jessica Alba acts on the level of sports team mascot whose uniform was retrofitted for “sex kitten” at the last second. She’s that subtle, and masterfully displays one of two fantastic facial expressions, pouty-irony and pouty-badass whenever necessary. And instead of shouting “go team” rhymes, she fires off angsty gen-X zingers that were stale even before the white bread writers overheard them in a convenience store. Or maybe I should say before they cribbed this week’s script from one of the chapters from Gibson’s “Virtual Light.” Welcome to Mad Max/Renaissance Fair theater! I can’t wait for the guest spot by Auntie Entity. Maybe she’ll waltz in through one of the numerous gaping plot holes.

Also, total IMHO, but Ms. Mad Max’s roommate is about a zillion times sexier and gets more character development in her 15 seconds of screen time per show than pouty pout-pout can manage in the whole series. Her friends at (gag) “Jam Pony” are a likeable bunch of post-nuclear goonies, but face it: they would all hate her guts. She’s not a nice person. Why didn’t they make this show 10 years ago and use Lori Petty? And get someone besides James Cameron. Jeez.

I will give them credit for putting the barcode on the back of her neck instead of between her breasts. And I like it when she sits on top of the space needle to reflect.


I wonder if the naysayers are watching the same show as the rest of us.

Jessica Alba is a decent actress. She’s far more than attitude and the pithy lines put before her. In the episode Prodigy, she shows real empathy for the child who has been experimented on, and a real conflict in saving her former captor/creator from being shot.

While I’d like a resolution on the Max/Logan romance, they both make the portrayal of said romance realistic and intimate.

The supporting cast is quite good. Normal, Kendra, Herbal, Original Cindy, and the rest flesh out a good supporting cast that one wants to know more about. Each character has had a moment in the sun to develop, and they are not just two dimentional stereotypes. Major kudos to the creator and writing staff for Original Cindy being a lesbian who is believable.

There are plenty of little touches which make this show excellent, including the stem cell plot point to explain why a transfusion of Max’s blood can heal a great deal of injury that another has suffered. They could have found a lame deus ex machina way to get Logan back out of the chair and didn’t. I think that shows promise and creativity in the writing staff.

There is a reason the show won a Golden Globe for best new dramatic series. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Some of us look forward to each new episode.

Hollyweird politics?
The dearth of good new shows this season?
The Golden Globes are a farce?

Those of us who don’t like it don’t watch it–any more.

And we’re not trying to stop you from watching it. The OP requested opinions on the show. If the OP had asked for only positive reviews, the OP should’ve specified that.

So the show has some detractors. No need to get petulant about it.