Dark circles under the eyes?

OK, so where I work, there’s all kinds of construction, with dust, fumes, and crap in the air. I am allergic to it, and now I have these dark circles under my eyes. My doctor says there’s nothing that can be done about them, short of using makeup, which I don’t want to do. Does anyone know of a good home remedy for those circles that actually works? I’m tired of looking like Jake LaMotta…


Perhaps the old teabags/cucumbers trick? Or maybe that’s just for bags, not circles… Hmm…


Well, FWIW, here’s four different home remedies, though I can’t say I’ve used any of 'em. Good luck!

Thanks, Cosmopolitan! I’m going to try the tomato juice concoction tomorrow, and I’ll report back and tell you if it worked.

From the link above:

And vodka. Looooots of vodka.

(Note: Kidding. I don’t imagine vodka would actually be much of a remedy. But then what do I know?)