Dark Jedi and the Sith

One more Star Wars thread!

What is the difference between a Dark Jedi and a Sith? I come across both Dark Jedi and Sith in computer games - Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Knight, just to name a few.

Sith were originally a race that Dark Jedi, after being exiled from the Republic, came across and enslaved. Sith had on their own developed access to the Dark Side of the force and the Dark Jedi learned some new tricks from them. After awhile these Dark Jedi (or rather their descendant) became Sith lords. Eventually the Repubic and the Sith Empire came into conflict and, long story short, the Sith as a race were wiped out along with most of the Sith Lords. Still, some Sith Lords remained and continued to cause trouble but they were as much a threat to each other as they were to the Republic. Eventually they also mostly disappeared and it was decided that there could only be one Sith Lord and an apprentice at any one time (in the whole universe) as two Sith Lords would invariably fight each other. This way the Sith Lord could focus on the task of destroying the Republic.

So, a Sith Lord is a Dark Jedi but a Dark Jedi is not necessarily a Sith as there are really only two Sith at any one time. The rest of the Dark Jedi are either Sith wannabes or just evil Jedi who use the Dark Side (ala Count Dooku). Darth Maul from Episode I was Darth Sidious’ original student. After Darth Maul died Sidious (Palpatine) worked to get Anakin as his next student.

Dooku was clearly his next pupil after Darth Maul. He even had a Sith name: Darth Tyrannus. Although why he is the only one not to go by his Sith name is a mystery to me.

Aren’t the Sith names on a need-to-know basis? Sideous was just Palpatine to anyone who didn’t know he was a bad guy. The same for Dooku – nobody knew him as Tyrannus because that would have given the whole plot away.


Whoops…right. I knew that…please don’t make me turn in my Star Wars Club membership!