Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (spoilers)

Okay, whose job was it to tell everyone that King’s website released chapter one last month? I know it wasn’t me, because I just found out last night. Whoever it was, your membership status is currently under review!

I’ve just printed out Chapter I: Callahan and the Vampires, and I’ll probably get a chance to read it over lunch. If anyone’s read it, feel free to comment, but I’m not coming back in here until I get through it. My friend who tipped me off to it said it’s fantastic, and it makes him want to read Insomnia and 'Salem’s Lot just to finish off his DT-related reading list before DT:VII makes it to print.

Oh my God!

Thanks for the link – I can’t wait to start it!

Whew, I saw this thread just in time for my lunch hour! You know I’ll be back later …

September 21st can’t come fast enough.

Just got done, spoilers below.

Wow, pretty good. Has Roland talked through some like that before, or even mentioned the possibility? Also, I was impressed with Jake a lot in DT:VI, but this is ridiculous! He took charge like a true gunslinger, and gave Roland his proper due when mentioning him as his true father.

I’m currently reading The Talisman, and I have a bit of a quibble. This whole group of people who are half-man, half-animal just doesn’t do it for me. I just can’t seem to be able to wrap my mind around it while reading. I’m not sure if I lose something for it, but it just doesn’t grab my attention like a falcon-headed vampire normally would.

9-21-2004. One away from 19 - shoulda made it the 22nd, Stephen. For shame!

Gave. Me. Chills.

Seeing Father Callahan in his moment of blinding clarity, and total salvation… I read his words about G-d and the white, his challenge to the vampires… Man. I just shuddered. Beautiful!

Yeah, I can make it to September 21. Sure I can. Just a few more weeks. I can make it. Just have to go one incredibly slow day at a time.

Is it Sept. 21 yet?

First, thanks to Munch for posting this link!

Man, that was such a tease.

I was glad to see some confirmation right off the bat that Jake is going to hang on for a little while longer. Of course, this doesn’t mean much for the end of the book (and series) – I’ve been worried about Jake ever since SK first hinted that all of our gunslingers probably wouldn’t make it to the Tower. After reading the last book, my new fear is that the New York Jake is in currently is slightly different than the New York that he came from originally, and that since is dead in at least one of these New Yorks, he’s going to have to end up dead again. Remember how after Eddie made the key and Jake was pulled into Roland’s world, and both Jake and Roland reported that they were almost right again, but not quite? That there was still a little disjointed buzz going on in the backs of their minds? I’m hoping SK forgot about this, but I’m also nervous that the way of reconciling it is going to involve Jake dying again.

And let’s not even talk about the nervous breakdown I’m going to have if anything happens to Oy.

It was nice to see that Callahan got back in touch with the White. Good for him! I gave him a little cheer. He doesn’t seem too long for this world (or any other) though.

I was a little suprised that a great deal of the last book involved setting us up for the big gun fight at the Dixie Pig, and now it’s a turtle fight. Or a turtle stand off, rather. Hopefully it means the big action is yet to come.


Okay, that’s it, King is tormenting us.

If you’re a DT junkie, the forums over at www.thedarktower.net are essential. Beware, though - you WILL find hours slipping by as you read.

Also, a good handful of people on there have ARC’s (advance reading copies - usually sent to reviewers and retailers), and they’re leaking mild spoilers, tidbits, and hints. Check out the DT7 Spoiler topics and discussion board if you can’t wait. There’s nothing major that’s been leaked, just some interesting teasers like a few stray sentences and the chaper list, which is especially bizarre. Considering that parts 4 and 5 (the final two of the novel) are called “The White Lands of Empathica” and “The Scarlet Field of Can’-Ka No Rey”, I imagine that it’s going to get very heady before the end.