Darkstar One - looks like it could be a good game

I’ve been trying out the demo to the game Darkstar One and while I wait on the game to be released, what I’m wondering is if there are any recent titles that are similar that I might like. I’ve never been much into space shooter-type games, but something about this title is intriguing me, and I even installed an old joystick to play it.

So, anything else I’ve overlooked? Anything with a demo I can try out would be great.

Well, Freelancer is one of the better ‘roleplaying elements with space combat’ games, but it has no joystick support.

The two Freespace games, however, are absolutely golden. Probably the two best space combat games ever made.

Hmmm…any relation between this and Darkstar, the much-delayed game being created by several former MST3Kers?

You know, I might actually have those games lying around somewhere. My husband has always liked them, but they never interested me at the time. Now that I’ve been branching out on the types of games I’ve been playing, I should look at them closer. Thanks for the suggestions!

I hadn’t heard anything about that. From playing the demo and looking at that link, I don’t think there’s any relation, but I don’t know.

Cool… soundtrack by Rush!