Darn You To Heck, C K Dexter Haven! (a thread about TCM)

I had the pleasure of meeting Dex at the last ChiDope. At some point, the conversation turned to movies, and mentioned that I happened to enjoy silent films. He told me about Turner Classic Movies “Silents on Sunday,” where they show a silent film every Sunday night.

This is awesome. It really is. However, here where I live, it doesn’t air until midnight.

But I stay up and watch it anyway. And I am useless on Monday mornings. Just useless.

It’s all Dex’s fault, though. He’s the one that told me about it and said I should watch it. Now I’m addicted.

Darn him.



Do you have a VCR?

Kids! When I was your age, I used ta’ stay up till 4:00 A.M. to watch old movies, on UHF stations! So, I fell asleep in school the next day—the important thing was I got to see those movies!

Man, I was gonna say something rude and cruel about Eve’s age…



Eve, when you were their age, those silents were first-runs!

:: buries head in hands ::

[sub]I am so ashamed.[/sub]

I am quietly pround to have been able to lead yet another innocent young mind down the slippery slope…