Darnit, Saskatoon School Board, get your dirty censors off of me!

Again, I have been foiled by the Saskatoon School Board. They blocked G-mail until a bunch of students made a fuss, and now they’ve blocked Wikipedia as “porn”! Arg, I wonder if they burned their encyclopedias, too, when they realised there might be pictures of genitalia in them.

Arguing “well, therer are graphic descriptions” isn’t going to work, since Urban Dictionary isn’t blocked.

Sigh Now I’ll have to learn about buttermilk elsewhere.

You’re from Saskatoon and you need the internet to learn about buttermilk? I’m sure there’s a lake of it near Melfort.

Haha, I need the Internet to learn about while at work. My curiosity is flighty, so I have to look stuff up just when I want to, or I forget it.

Well, this is the Straight Dope Message Board. I wager a “Tell me everything I need to know about buttermilk” thread in GQ would generate more information than you ever thought you needed to know.

Our company has just blocked Wiki because they think it’s porn too. Anybody have any evidence that corporations are not related to communism?