Darth Vader Mental Diagnosis

proof positive that head doctors have too much time on their hands:


God forbid he only display one emotion.

:dubious:Emotions are illogical, captain:dubious:

I thought Kenobi vaporized himself right before the blade hit him. Can we chalk that one up to fubared special effects?

Of course he has BPD. Because the BPD diagnostic criteria provide an outstanding template on which to build a fictional bad guy.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

Also, here is Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

BPD + Narcissism = Instant Bad Guy

Why on Earth did you think that Kenobi vaporized himself?

BPD people are hyper emotional. They’re the young lady who cuts herself for attention and abuses drugs and sex. They would not be able to commit to one master for decades, no matter how many cool lightning powers he teaches. The only emotion Vader expresses is “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The rest of the time, it’s James Earl Jones’ cool monotone.

Mommy didn’t love him enough.

Or a hero, in some genres.

It’s not like he just got cut in two though, is it? From what I recall, Vader “strikes him down” with his light sabre, and there’s nothing left of him, just his empty clothes. Did he vaporise, or was he vaporised, that is the question.

I always took it that he was either struck down or just about to be struck down and he was in touch enough with the force to do some kind of intentional whole body (or two part ?:slight_smile: ) ascension into higher plane /after life.

Getting struck by a light saber certainly doesnt make one magically dissappear thats for sure.

Kenobi was killed by Vader’s lightsaber. In the original trilogy all Jedi fade away into force ghosts after they die.

Where do you get that idea?

Vader is clearly surprised that Kenobi just disappears. Given that he’s killed any number of other Jedi in the past, said discorporation is clearly unusual.

At worst, Vader is depressed and narcisistic. BPD and/or bipolar just don’t fit.

Gee, I don’t know.

You can take that up with the director, Lucas. He attempts to explain this away at the end of Revenge, when Jinn learns how to transcend death. You can take from that that he then taught Yoda and Kenobi, though I’m unsure how Anakin was supposed to have learned it.

Sorry, I was unclear. I meant “where did you get the idea that ALL Jedi evaporate upon death.”

Excuse me. In my original post I meant to say that all the Jedi in the OT turned into Force ghosts, not that all Jedi turn into Force ghosts.

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Don’t forget, inasmuch a great number of people would like to, in Episode I, Qui-Gon was struck down by Darth Maul and didn’t disappear. It wasn’t until revenge of the Sith that Yoda revealed to Ben that Qui-Gon had visited him as a Force ghost. Perhaps it was Yoda or possibly Qui-Gon himself who might have instructed Ben in that particular trick. In any case, It doesn’t seem to be a skill that all Jedi had mastered previously.

On review, I see that AClockworkMelon has already said this.