Database Errors on Searching Tonight

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 79 bytes) in /home/straightdope/ on line 3223

Followed by the insulting: “You must wait 120 seconds before searching again…”


Sorry the system sneered at you.

The entire Creative Loafing server cluster is having problems, not just us - slow loading pages on other sites, etc. I’m told a hardware fix is in the works sometime in the next few weeks.

Does that explain why I just got a database error when switching forums? I suppose it would.

FYI, I have been unable to search the SDMB for 2 days now. The curious thing is why I’m not seeing a rash of others noting the same thing.

It’s been pretty noticeable for much of the last 2-3 weeks. Sporadic, but noticeable.

I’m curious–this only happens when you try to search? Try again right now for something easy.

Database errors today- slow loading as well. Been pretty bad.

Nope, just database errors tonight as well.

I’m getting tons of them as well. I can’t even surf the damned board.

Yep - can’t open any of the Message Boards. Very sloooow loading followed by a database error message. How can I get my S.D.M.B. fix?

Yeah, when I try to search I get a database error and then “Sit in time out and think about what you did” until the timer runs out, at which point I try again and get a database error.