Database of NCAA tournament results?

I thought is might be fun to fill out a bracket by simulating the tournament using old results. Specifically, I want to know the value of P(n,m), the probability that an n seed defeats an m seed, where n and m both lie in between 1 and 16.

I know that P(1,16) = 1, and it will make sense to take P(n,n) = 1/2. Certain games have never been played in the tournament (e.g. P(15,16) is undefined) so I may as well take P(n,m) = 1/2 in each of these instances as well. I don’t know if n < m always implies P(n,m) >= 1/2. I’d like to know the historical value of P(n,m) whenever it is defined.

Tournament results are obviously available online, but I don’t feel like keying in a bunch of data. Mostly because it will be a pain in the neck and I am doing this for fun, but also because I will probably make a few mistakes that way. Are there databases of tournament results out there that I could use to quickly look up the results of all n vs. m matchups in the history of the 64-team tournament?

It seems that Sports Reference’s College Basketball site has what you need, the NCAA Tournament Game Finder. It seems the simplest way to do what you want is to select the seed of the school, the seed of the opponent, and sort by point differential, and then you get a list of all games of 1 seed teams against seed 2 teams (for example), and sort by points differential, so you can easily tell which games are wins for each team.

You can also adjust the years you are looking at, the conferences, which rounds to look at, for example.

Thanks silverfish and Lamar Mundane!