Date marks on old British ring

My Grangmother left me a ring. I have found out that it has the assay mark of the Newastle office, which closed in 1884, but am having trouble finding out about the date mark. I have found a list of date marks for the Newcastle office for silver. Are they the same for gold or will they be different?

Does your local library have a copy, or can they get a copy of Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks (ISBN 1872212042) it’s about £150 on Amazon, so probably not worth buying yourself.

The full title is:

Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks: A Guide to Marks of Origin on English, Scottish and Irish Silver, Gold and Platinum and on Foreign Imported Silver and Gold Plate 1544 to 2010 by Frederick Bradbury

Hallmarks are the same for gold as for silver.

Thank you for your replies.