Datelining News Stories

Many of the news stories I’ve read regarding the Mississippi prom cancelled because a lesbian student wanted to attend have had a dateline of Aberdeen, Mississippi.

The high school in question is in Fulton, Mississippi, a solid hour from Aberdeen. And Fulton is much closer to Tupelo, Mississippi than it is to Aberdeen, MS, and Tupelo is much larger than either Fulton or Aberdeen.

What’s the deal?

ASIDE: I spent a summer in Aberdeen, MS. Nice town.

The article to which you linked was about a ruling by a federal judge. I assume that the court is in Aberdeen. Edited to add that a Google search of the judge finds the address of his chambers in Aberdeen.

I don’t think it is.

Perhaps the courts are not actually in Aberdeen, but according to this page, his chambers are.

Well I’ll be damned.

Thanks DF.