Dave Mathews.. or clone?

To my shock, the song “Superman (It’s not easy to be me)” despite what I have always believed, is not done by Dave Mathews Band, but in fact Five For Fighting. Am I crazy or does this guy sound EXACTLY like Dave Mathews? Is it Dave Mathews? Even Kazaa seems to be confused about it, as the song is listed as being done by both Dave Mathews and Five For Fighting, but its the same song. So… whats the straight dope?

Superman (It’s Not easy) is indeed written by Five for Fighting.

Personally I think it only sounds like Dave if you haven’t listened to a lot of DMB.

I don’t listen to DMB by choice, but even I think that Five for Fighting sounds different. Equally annoying, but different. The band that sounds, to me, the most like DMB is Rustic Overtones who have finally broken up.

You talk shit about my Dave, you die.

~tramp ( who is more than a lil obsessed with DMB)

The Five for Fighting song in question written and performed by John Ondrasik. He does sound a bit like Mr. Matthews. Although I think that John Mayer sounds even more Dave-like.

I think the five for figthing song sounds more like coldplay rather than DMB.

It is unfortunately true that even the likes of Dave Matthews has spawned a number of rip-offs. That guy who tells me that my “body is a wonderland” springs instantly to mind.