Dave Willis and the Walkyverse

I’m an occasional reader of some of Dave Willis’ webcomics and I’m hoping there are regular readers who can clear up my confusion.

Willis has several different webcomics: Dumbing of Age, It’s Walky, Joyce and Walky, Roomies, and Short Packed. There are several characters who appear in more than one comic.

Are the characters who appear in different comics supposed to be the same character? Or are they sometimes alternative versions of the same character? For example, are the Amber and Leslie and Mike who are in college in Dumbing of Age the same Amber and Leslie and Mike who work in a toy store in Short Packed?

Roomies!, It’s Walky!, Joyce and Walky! and Shortpacked are all in the same universe.

Dumbing of Age is an alternate universe - half the characters did go to college together (in Roomies! and It’s Walky!), the other half didn’t, only appearing in Shortpacked! Or Joyce and Walky! The ones who did mostly have superpowers in the main universe, they do not in DoA, which doesn’t have any supernatural stuff.

Also, there are some very significant differences in some of the characters from their original incarnations - Danny is less…Joyce-like, Ethan’s already out, instead of waiting until his late 20s, Amber’s abusive father left the picture long ago, Sal and Walky were raised together (until that unfortunate ‘robbery’ incident), Leslie is a teacher, Roz is younger relative to Robin than her main universe counterpart, judging by her being a 1st year, while Robin is a congresswoman…

Yes, I was noticing some of these discrepancies. But I didn’t know if they were a reflection of the characters being different or just due to me not being a regular reader and not knowing the background. Sure it seemed unlikely, but Leslie being a toy store clerk and a teacher in two different comics is no more improbable than Robin being a toy store clerk and a Congresswoman in the same comic.

Except for Ultracar (who admittedly has only appeared in the DOA universe disguised as Amazi-Girl). :cool: