Davey and Goliath: the emblem

My little brother used to watch this Gumby-like cartoon show in the morning when I was getting him ready for school. At the start this emblem was shown with the boy Davey and his dog Goliath on either side; at the end the credits were superimposed on it.
It looked like a large round shield, with a white stylized iris on it; a red heart on the iris, and a white cross on the heart.
What is this an emblem of, and what do the various parts (the heart and the cross should be obvious) stand for?

Here’s a pic of it:

The page also says it was funded by the Lutheran Church in America, so maybe it’s Lutheran thing.

It’s an altered version of Martin Luther’s Seal

Luther’s Seal.

And just in case you didn’t know, Art Clokey was responsible for “Davey and Goliath” as well as “Gumby.”

Revtim, thanks for the small snippet of recaptured childhood. I swear I haven’t seen D&G since I was maybe 5 or 6, and the video of the second series intro sent a small shiver of recognition down my spine. Very strange.

Thanks to all. :slight_smile: I remember the Gumby episodes; Gumby sure was primitive compared to Davey and Goliath. I never saw the mention on The Simpsons; Ned Flanders, who is 60 but doesn’t look it, is doing just fine for a widower raising two kids; his wife, of course, died tragically. :frowning:

Perhaps the site linked to by revtim hasn’t been updated recently, but there have been two blatant D&G references on the Simpsons. In the “Simpsons Bible Stories” episode, the third vignette had Bart as King David and Nelson as Goliath (the person). David’s dog, voiced beautifully by Dan Castellenata (but not given a name, IIRC) encouraged him to challenge Nelson/Goliath, but ultimately mumbled, “Seeya later, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavy!” and loped off.

I can’t remember the plot of the other episode, but the second reference had Mr. Rilch ROFL. Someone was watching a show called “Gravy and Jebriath”, in which Gravy (the kid, of course) told Jebriath that he was building “a pipe bomb! For to blow up Planned Parenthood!” When Jebriath objected, Gravy screeched, “I’m sick of your lack of faith!” and stuck the bomb in the dog’s mouth. “But Gravy!—” KABOOOM.

There was also a Mountain Dew commercial a few years ago that showed a spot-on Davy and a friend squabbling over the last can of MD. When Davy’s dad intervened, Davy humbly asked forgiveness for “fighting”, so Dad took the can and chugged the whole thing. “What just happened, Davy?” “We got hosed, Timmy. We got hosed!”

And finally, if you’re still reading, this past Christmas, I gave Mr. Rilch action figures of Davy and his dad. Suffice to say, the manufacturers must have known the demographic that would buy such things, because the dolls don’t bend at the waist.

Where in the heck did you find those, Rilchiam?

If you mean the dolls, I got them at Suncoast. They’re probably available at comics/collectibles stores, and possibly even online.