david attenboroughs life of birds q

so my google-fu has deserted me.

i simply need to find out which episode of david attenborough’s life of birds

features the puffins being attacked by a black backed gull.

mods please move if i’ve jumped into the wrong place.

You’ve probably already seen this wiki on the series, but it’s a free bump. It’s fairly detailed, but doesn’t make any mention of either gulls or puffins, but maybe something in a description will trigger your memory.

Is this the footage you mean? It is from Blue Planet, not Life of Birds.

thanks for the links.

no, that’s not the footage.

the bit i’m looking for concerns puffins somewhere in scotland wheeling to confuse
a blackbacked gull until one misjudges the spiral and becomes separated and is swooped and plucked. scared the crap out of my six year old son at the time.

i may even be misremembering the series, but it certainly was david attenborough.

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I think it was the Trials of Life series.

It was - episode four: Hunting and Escaping:

Below are headings from a study guide to the series:

As we move up the food chain, there are increasingly violent ways of obtaining food. They include:

**** puffins being hunted by the greater backed gull on the Shetlands***
* South American sea lions being hunted by orcas who can beach themselves intentionally on the shores of Patagonia
* slugs being hunted by a thirst snake
* frog defending itself from opossum
* various ways of preventing oneself from being eaten - tomato frog, spotted skunk, salamanders
* various insects camouflaging themselves - as means of defence or as a hunting strategy
* an ant colony
* chimpanzees hunting colobus monkeys using a complex team strategy

thank you thank you