David Blaine: Drowned Alive

Anyone else watching this tonight?

I’m not a big fan of the guy - but it’s either this or watching idiots opening boxes for money.

Anyone know how he does the cell-phone card trick?

It’s on; I’m kind of watching. I like his magic tricks, but the self-torture stuff he does skeeves me out. I’m not sure I’ll make it through this show, but we’ll see.

Hmmm, if he gets through this, he’d be a good candidate for my Celebrity Death List next year…

Let go around 6-7 minutes


Good effort and a geunine effort(no 100% oxygen).

Officially 7:04 - He’s wiped out! He can barely move.

So, he died? Damn, now I wish I’d watched.

I think all these types of tricks start with the person being forced to pick the card of the magicians choice somehow (dunno how). The rest is just details.

Me, too. Quit tantalizing us with these scrumptious thread titles, HelloNinja.

She wasn’t tantalizing, that was actually the name of this “television event.”

Was this real? That is, was this a real effort at holding his breath underwater for 8+ minutes or was it an illusion?

I saw a story on this the other day – he’s been working for months learning to hold his breath, and was over 7 minutes in training. So the breath-holding part was real. The whole concept skeeved me out, though; way, way over the top.

I hate Blaine and his stupid stunts.

Even the title is stupid… Drowned alive? What the hell does that mean?!?
I understand “buried alive” but Drowned alive? Aren’t all drowning victims alive before they drown?

I don’t get the hate. I like David Blaine…his stunts are cool. I admit his presentation is way over the top, but he is really out there doing the things and seems emotionaly attached.

10x better than Copperfield, who does 10 minutes of music for 1 minute of “magic”.

I didn’t see this, but I saw the commercial and I have a question - if he was planning on holding his breath for 9 minutes, what was the other hour and 51 minutes used for?

I read a few articles on cnn about this stunt, and viewed a video clip that has me very curious. The clip showed the horrendous punishment that being immersed in water was inflicting on his hands and feet. Imagine the worst case of bathtub skin you ever had and triple it at minimum. It looked to me like his entire palm could have just sloughed off at any moment. Then the video showed him raising his hands up out of the water to get rubbed with some kind of oil and he started wearing gloves. The commentator said that’s what happens to skin “without hair on it”. Now… I’m a guy… in addition to my feet and hands there is at least one other very important and noteworthy part of my body that does not sport hair and I cannot even begin to imagine that bit of me looking like that guy’s hands. Shudder

Did you not notice that Blaine does only three magic tricks in the two hours?

He deserves as much attention as the current record holder for not breathing under water.

Three? I thought he just held his breath. :wink: It’s a very impressive physical achievement either way, but I can’t say this stunt ever really held my interest.

I say that this didn’t interest me much, but I did end up catching precisely the last nine minutes. ABC really took the drama out of his breathlessness by saying, at the four- or five-minute mark, that he was going to be on one of the morning shows tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuart Scott also described it as “a very emotional week” for everybody who was watching. He must have thought “emotional” means the same thing as “wet.”