David Bowie is back!

After a ten-year hiatus since his last album, David Bowie has released a new track and music video off of a forthcoming album. Album will be titled “The Next Day.”

Story here, which contains a link to the video for the first track “Where Are We Now?”

It’s pretty good.

And it’s his birthday today - link to UK Mirror web article and photos

I’m such a fan that I celebrate his birthday every year. And this year is an extra good one.

A BBC critic today said the he sounds “like a pub drunk”. Oh well, another super-annuated rock star trying to milk a few more $$-good luck to him!

I assure you, Bowie doesn’t need the money.

Happy birthday to him. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Mr Jones!

I was just thinking about opening a bottle of good wine to celebrate. I’ve been a fan since 1983. I was 14 and bored at my friend’s house while she was being lectured by her dad for some breach of conduct. As she headed off to her punishment, she handed me the Time magazine that featured him on the cover. I read the 4 page article and fell in love immediately. Yes, I latched on to the Let’s Dance persona, but what a wealth of genius awaited me!

I have to admit that, upon hearing this new single, this is the first time he’s ever sounded old to me :sniff:

He sounds old and unsure and the song itself is about the most “meh” thing I’ve heard in years; it doesn’t even sound like he’s that into his own tune.

And this is coming from a guy who’s favorite Bowie album is Low, so it’s not the fact that it’s a mellow, downbeat tune that I’m finding unpalatable.

Still, the guy has given us some pretty nifty songs, pictures, movies and videos in his life, so I’m happy to wish him a very happy birthday.

You just made me want to check it out, seeing as I sort of like Wreckless Eric’s stuff.

I like the song quite a bit. The video is weird as hell.

I agree with every part of this post, including Low being my favourite Bowie album. I won’t begrudge the guy his return to recording–I’m very happy about it, actually–but the new song inspires no passion in me at all.

Funny, I think the new song is the best thing he’s done in decades.

And of course Low is the best Bowie album. Shouldn’t even need to be said, unless you’re talking to philistines.

On another note, the cover art for the new album isn’t that great. It’s got that whole “subversion (i.e. trolling) as modern art” thing going on.