David Gilmour's guitar collection going to auction.

Thanks for posting about it. I doubt I would have found out about it if you hadn’t. I don’t live anywhere near New York, but I think Christie’s has done a great job of virtually presenting the collection online for those of us who are fans but aren’t able to see it in person. Reading the backstory on some of these items has been fascinating!


Why in the world is this topic getting contentious? Of course we’re just guessing, here: None of us is David Gilmour (at least, I don’t think so), so all anyone can do is guess about his motives. If anyone has a problem with that… why are you in this thread?

In case anyone is interested, this auction is happening now - been going for about an hour. They started late because there’s an overflow crowd. Prices so far are nuts!


It’s over. The Black Strat went for $3.9 million. Shit, the Black Strat’s case went for $200,000. I watched most of it and couldn’t believe the prices these instruments fetched. The auction house’s estimates were often off by a factor of 20 or 30.

The auction raised over $21 million, with the Black Strat going for just under $4 million. Wow.

I guess the market of billionaire Floyd-fan guitar players is poorly understood

Christie’s tends to undervalue their estimates, so I wasn’t surprised the actual prices paid were higher, but they were so much higher for everything it was pretty amazing - the most paid for any guitars at auction ever.

Unfortunately the total proceeds reported also include the taxes and (hefty) fees that will go to Christie’s, so it’s hard to know how much his designated charity ClientEarth will get, but it’s still going to be a boatload of cash.

Hmm, I just realized I have a chance to own a celebrity guitar.

In three easy steps: Pull my guitar out of the closet, play it better, become famous.

Yeah, I can’t say I’m surprised, when I saw the original estimate it was clearly ridiculously low. When one of the world’s most famous guitarists in the world’d most famous band sells one of the world’s most most famous guitars used to record some of the world’s most famous songs…big money is going to happen. Heck, the instrument is even known by a specific name, we are in 722 Mercedes territory here.

Reminds me of all those “how to draw superheroes” books I read as a kid:

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I guess a string would go for $20k or $10k for a pick

Sooo, how much did the lefty go for? :slight_smile:

Jim Irsay (owner of the Colts) bought the Black Strad and the case. He has quite the collection… mostly guitars but he also has the bass drum head from when the Beatles performed the first time on Ed Sullivan. He actually spent $5.245 million which was 24% of all sales.


I knew the Black Strat would go for big money.

I’m curious how many buyers were rich fans vs investors.