David Gilmour's guitar collection going to auction.

Including the black strat, all for charity. I was about 10 when The Wall came out, but got into them big in middle and high school. Still love them to this day.
The collection is going to be in NYC at Christies in June. The website has a short interview with him where he explains why he is auctioning off these guitars.

I may take a trip down to the city to see the collection, mainly to see the black strat used in the '72 Live at Pompeii movie.

I went to the Pink Floyd V&A exhibition a couple of years ago, it was excellent and the black strat was there for all to see. What a scabby piece of crap! but who cares?

It has an estimate of 100k-!50k but you’d have to imagine that it’ll smash that amount.

That link wasn’t working very well for me (content missing). I like that they’ve used a snippet from one of his lesser known solo songs though.

I too became a huge Pink Floyd fan when I was in my early teens and consumed everything I could get my hands on, from half finished Syd Barret solo stuff to concert bootlegs. I remember having a birthday party (16?) with friends that involved smoking weed, eating cheese toasties, and watching a video of Pompei, good times.

Like I say, there was a lot of content missing from the link so I couldn’t see the bit where he talks about why he’s selling up. Is he still playing?

Lots of nice guitars, there. I wonder why he has one lefty? :confused:

Wish I could play…

In case a lefty friend comes over and wants to jam. It’s not like Gilmour couldn’t afford to keep a lefty guitar on hand just in case, and it probably cost him nothing anyway, since it’s one of his sig models.

I have a lefty friend who is not at all wealthy, but who keeps a righty strung guitar around for that very reason.

He is, but it makes me wonder if he’s got a health issue on the horizon.

On the other hand, Clapton sold off all his well-known gear and yet still plays and records.

Gilmour says he just wants to raise some money for charity and pass the guitars along to new players. Though most will just go into collections and are unlikely to get any real player use in future.

That makes me sad. Guitars are meant to be loved and, especially, played. I feel the same about all those beautiful cars that sit in collections gathering dust instead of being driven and appreciated.

Yeah but why would anyone buy or want to ogle his spare guest guitar? And why sell it? All his lefty friends stopped coming around?

All I can say is:







Any celebrity-guitarist-owned guitar will sell. And they’ll all sell for more than they would with no celebrity-provenance.

Why sell it? He’s selling pretty much everything. Maybe he’s feeling his age and he wants to sort out his affairs while his brain is still sharp. He’s got 8 kids, maybe he doesn’t want them bitching about who inherits which iconic guitar.

I have a hard time believing that there won’t be a single guitar left in his house after the auction but whatever. Maybe McCartney played when he was over visiting.

I was wondering the same thing. Also, an electric sitar?

Some of these guitars may not have been played in a long time. I wouldn’t consider buying one unless it came with a letter from a guitar tech or luthier.

Wasting $350 on Ebay for a Tele with a warped neck is bad enough. 20k? Oh, hell no …

NOPE. I want a inspection first.

I don’t buy wall hangers. I play my guitars.

Who said he’s selling all of his guitars? I said “pretty much everything” - but I have no doubt he’ll be keeping a few.

As I mentioned, Clapton sold off all of his famous/collectable gear, but he’s still playing; put out an album 6 months ago, has gigs lined up in the next few months. I expect Gilmour will do something similar.

Well, wtf then? I said I found it weird that he’d sell his guest lefty guitar, you said he’s selling pretty much everything and now you’re saying of course he’s keeping a few. OK, maybe he’s got 10 lefty guest guitars, it’s just still kind of weird to put a guitar he never used into a prestigious Christie’s auction.

I suspect he was given a few of his signature model by Fender and one happened to be a lefty. I note that one of the signature models is a prototype. Maybe given to Gilmour for testing/approval?

I didn’t mean to mislead with the title, he’s not auctioning off all of his guitars. I think three big ones are on the block. The black strat, used for all the albums in the '70’s, the red one used for the 80’s and up songs and the acoustic used on Comfortably Numb. He sees them as tools, and as a bassist myself, I can understand that. I’m not professional, but I get. I think what he is doing is cool, even though the guitars almost certainly won’t end up in the hand of inspiring artists. At least it will still help his charities.

For me, personally, yes I want to ogle. Pink Floyd was one of the bands that made me make my parents change my violin lessons to bass lessons. I don’t make a living off of playing bass, but it has given me over 30 years of joy. A chance to see some of the tools of a band that inspired me before they disappear forever? I can’t miss that.

He’s selling off his famous/valuable/collectable instruments.

He’s also clearing out the storage space of everything that doesn’t get used much.

What that leaves is a few that he’s keeping for personal use.

He wanted to keep a lefty around in case it came in handy, now he’s changed his mind and wants to clear out everything but a handful. Because he changed his mind.

OK, I’m done spelling out things that should be obvious.

With Christy’s, you’ll get all the documentation you want.

Wished I hadn’t posed that query about the lefty. :frowning:

Oy vey. It’s not obvious, you’re just guessing. You have no idea how he chose which guitars to put up, no idea what the lefty was used for nor what his damn storage situation is. I was just idly curious what the back story was and I really don’t need any more of your “spelling out of obvious things”, so thanks for being done.