David Hasselhoff's aura - SPOOKY!

I was doing some research on Kirlian photography (don’t ask) and came across this page:


which purports to show David Hasselhoff’s aura! His genius just radiates…I guess???

That one of Cloris Leachman is kinda scary though.

I wonder who talked these people into this.

David Hasslehoff has an aura? Is it an old picture or something? I was always under the impression you had to have a soul to have an aura, and we all know he had to have sold that to the devil to get an acting/singing(???!) career. How else can you explain it?

I used to go to the psychic fair when it would come to Calgary. The first thing that I would do is get my “aura” picture taken. I would then go to an aura reader and I would ask them, “what colour is my aura?”
I would get an answer like “red with orange hilights”. Wrong, it’s yellow with blue highlights, and show them the picture.