David Irving..Fuck off.

The NZ govt has just refused entry to fuckhead David Irving http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/spages/458389.html. Good fucking riddance to bad bad fucking rubbish.

Excuse me Nz National press Club if you must hear this wanker speak please feel free to go to him. We don’t need the fuckwit here.

He is obviously a loon and even more so if he believes his vist will still take place.

Take your looniness elsewhere fuckwit. Freedom of speech be dammed…ok freedom of speech is fine for Mr Fuckwit if the men with white coats are waiting on the side line so he can have the opportunity to express his freedom of speech to the proffessional he obviously needs.

The way to counter drivel of the David Irwing sort is free exposure not banning. Let him come in and make an ass of himself.

You reckon?

In what way would his being here advance anyones knowledge of anything?

Well, instead of thinking “hey, who’s this guy and why is he banned? What don’t they want me to hear?”, people will instead hear his ideas and think “this guy is a twat,” which is a vastly more informed position. Or, they won’t hear about him at all because no-one will care, which is also great. People like Irving’s ideas are more than stupid enough to disqualify themselves on their own merit; by silencing him we only lend him credibility of a kind.

But you can’t throw anything at him if you don’t let him in :confused:

Well I think most of us who would oppose fuckwit have already heard of him. Those who want to hear him are those that need to be put down.

The world is full of people who thrive on being shocking. David Irving is merely the Marylin Manson of his field.

Similar levels of talent too I’d wager.

You reckon? I’m thinking Marylin may win a (stupid) award before Mr Irving does.

Don’t forget to burn his books.

Oh POOP. I went and made liberal think my country was all marxist and stuff :smiley:

No burning just banning…he’s a dickhead, banning suts me just fine.

Abhorrent as his prejudices still no doubt are, did he not recently admit that millions of Jews did die in concentration camps? I know he still denies that there were death camps like Birkenau and Treblinka, but in terms of numbers (if not method) of those killed I was under the impression that he had recanted to some extent.

Yes, I believe it does.

:smiley: I feel you need to add something there. Supressing may give you an ulcer.

Honestly though **Lib[/]B do you think my country is going to hell in a handbasket if we don’t let this fuckwit in?

We have a very sound belief in freedom of speech for our people. Do we need to give that to nutters from elsewhere?

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If his books get banned it would just increase his sales. I would buy them and add it to my growing collection of banned and semi-banned books (The Satanic Verses, Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifest, Lolita, Justine, The Bible, The Koran, Catcher in the Rye, Huck Finn, Little Black Sambo, some book by Taslima Nasreen, etc.) Freedom of speech is much too important to be sacrificed for a little unimportant twit like David Irwing – not that I know much about him.

Well I can’t see one book on your list that is banned here.

Mr Fuckhead saying “the holocaust never happened” isn’t banned here either. We just don’t want him in person.

The real question here is, why did the NZ National Press Club invite him to speak?! Who was responsible for that inspired choice?

If you can answer that one we will both be happy!

Little Black Sambo!

If you ban that book David Irwing will already have won – or something.