David Stern v. Jim Rome

NBA commissioner Stern was a guest on Rome’s radio show today, and Rome asked him if the draft lottery was fixed. Now, this is a question that many people have asked since the lottery because of the circumstances (the New Orleans Hornets, owned until very recently by the NBA and finally unloaded to Mr. Benson, won the #1 pick). Rome, who has a reputation as a fire-starter (just ask Jim Everett…), asked the question respectfully. Stern denied the allegation, but then responded with “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” This is a question often used to make a point about defense-less questions, but I’m sure many people listening aren’t aware of that. They went back and forth a bit more before ending the interview.

What do you think? Fair or foul on the commish?

If Rome had asked, “how long has the draft been fixed?”, Stern’s answer would have been been appropriate.

Stern needs to be brought down a peg or ten.

Rome should’ve responded, “Let the record show that the Commish has dodged the question and changed the subject into a personal attack upon me.”

Indeed, it was wholly inappropriate. Rome’s question was reasonable, given that million of people think it IS fixed, and Stern’s question was not logically equivalent to Rome’s.

I like Stern. Sure his comment wasn’t an exact reflection, but on another level, it made sense. There was a bit of accusation in Rome’s question. Stern took it to the extreme to make a point. Stern gives Cowherd a hard time too. It makes sports talk more enjoyable.

Obviously Stern knew exactly what he was getting into when he agreed to talk to Romey.

Rome was JAQing off in support of a conspiracy theory.

A lot of people think the president wasn’t born in the U.S. It doesn’t mean a good journalist has to lend and air of legitimacy to the crackpots by asking the question.

Possibly, but Rome isn’t a journalist. He’s a guy who does 3 hours of opinions every day.

I listened to it live and Stern totally ducked the call. Rome said right after that he knew it was going to be a bad interview right off the bat, based upon his previous interviews with Stern.

Oddly enough, I was thinking this morning about David Stern and that it was likely time for him to retire, coming up on his 30th year as Commish as he is.

I have enough information to know that the president was born in the United States.

I see way too many ‘coincidences’ in the NBA draft over the years that would make me ask Stern the same question.

To me, a list of the top 5 all-time questions to ask Stern would involve stuff like this:

  1. Was 1985 lottery fixed? (Ewing)
  2. Really… why did Michael take 2 years off?
  3. Game 6, 2002 West Finals… fixed?
  4. 2012 lottery… fixed?
  5. What was your reasoning behind the Chris Paul decision?

I’d also add the 2003 draft with Lebron going to the hometown Cavs.

  1. Will you release the report into the Tim Donaghy situation? If not, why not?

Questions like that can only be pursued credibly by a credible reporter. A thick-headed showboating gasbag is too easy to blow off.

They can also be pursued by dosing Stern with sufficient doses of sodium pentathol. Or so a bunch of 60s-era spy movies would have me believe. :smiley:

And finally, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Draftus fixus lockoutidae

Is there no independent supervision of the NBA draft lottery? If not, why in the world wouldn’t the participating teams would insist on it, if there was a sense that the NBA isn’t trustworthy enough to run it? Surely any credible allegations of fixing should have the non-winning teams up in arms.

I wish I could find it. There is a good article written by one of the journalists who was in the room when the lottery was done. The real one, not what they show on TV. If anyone reads that and still thinks its fixed they have bigger problems. Jim Rome has that information and he was asking a dishonest question.

ETA Don’t know about the past, but the current draft process is pretty transparent. Every owner and several independent journalists would have to be involved.

The participating teams = the NBA. They’re one and the same. If the NBA is fixing the draft it means that the individual teams are colluding to fix the draft. This is how American professional sports leagues are generally structured.

There’s an independent auditor in the room when they do the (private/actual) drawing - someone from E&Y, I believe.