Dawn of the Dead Divimax

Well I was surprised this weekend to find the Anchorbay reissue of Dawn of the Dead on DVD. As far as I heard it wasn’t supposed to come out till March 9.

I knew there was going to be a special edition coming down the line (Nobody doble dips better than AnchorBay hell even Newline are amatures compared to these guys) But I had to own it. I couldn’t wait.

So I just finished watching it and going through the “extras”

1st: This is only the original American release, which despite rumours to the contray is actually the directors cut in that the longer version out there was the initial cut but was trimmed for pacing. On the commentary track Romero even refers to the longer cut as “what the fans call the director’s cut”.

2nd: Wow those guys know how to restore a film. It looks absolutely beautiful on my puny 27 inch TV. The image is sharp and the colours are vibrant. The florecent blood just glows. Details are sharp. You’d swear, aside from the dated clothes and setting, that this was filmed recently. It just looks that good. I was floored.

3rd: I didn’t get a chance to give the audio a full work out and I only have Dolby digital even though there is a DTS track. So on the low volume I was alowed to watch it at (Gotta wait for the kids to be away) I noticed no distortion and the sounds were clear and clean.

4th The extras… well it was obvious they were waiting for their two disc to come out. The real nice extra is the commentary. Part interview and part general discussion it is a must hear for Romero fans. He finally admits to filming part of the alternate ending. There are some nice bits and only a few dead spots. Anchorbay had one of there own there to ask questions that would lead to more discussion which was not a bad idea.

The rest of the extras however are pretty light stuff indeed. There are two theatrical trailers, a few TV and radio spots a preview of the up coming comic which seems to only consist of a blurb and finally a written biography of George.

There is one nice Easter egg But you can find that out yourself.

If you don’t want to buy twice I’d advise to hold until the double disc is released some time later this year but this is worth a rent.

Seeing it restore this way makes me loathe the 19th when the bastard child is released. Ugggh.