Day- and weekend trips that are enjoyable for a 1,5-2 year old AND his parents ?

Doper parents, I want to plan some day trips and/or weekend trips with my husband and our toddler son for the coming year.

The only ideas I can come up with myself is the petting zoo, playgruond, sightseeing with our todder on our bike, and a park/nature walk.

When I really think about the logistics of such a day, I can’t think of much else to do. Inner cities are too dangerous (traffic) so our toddler will have to be strapped in his stroller (no fun for him) of put on a leash or hand (bothering pedestrian traffic). And how do parents deal with naps when they are away from home and don’t have a hotel room? Operating from home gives us about a one hour travel radius: one hour to get there, two hurs to walk around, one to get back, just in time for eating and napping. Our todderl doesn’t sleep well or long in his car seat or his stroller.

We got our main vacation pat, though. The three of us will fly our to my mother in law, and stay a week at her place. She has a big safe yard and loves to watch her grandson, so we can go on trips as well. And there’s a beach there, so yay, beach trips with lots of toddler-applied sunscreen :slight_smile:

Any tips, tricks, sites or book recommendations are welcome.

Parks and such were pretty much the extent of it when our kids were that age. We did some children’s museum or zoo outings - but they were even a little young for the children’s museum.

Mine slept in the car seat, in fact, that was the only place they dependably slept. So can’t help there.

My cousin, who had her kids on a strict schedule that included naps in their beds, didn’t leave the house during naptime. They just were stuck at home unless they could get it done within the schedule.