Day trip to Port Townsend. What to do there?

Roomie has the weekend off, so we’re thinking of making a day-trip to Port Townsend (WA). Neither of us have been there. I understand the big draw is the Victorian architecture, but I don’t know how long that would be fun. (I like architecture, but it would probably be more fun for her. She’s kinda girly, an’ shite.)

Any good places to eat? Any ‘don’t miss it’ things?

I haven’t found much to do there. I’ve been there twice and walked around and did the shopping thing, but that gets old after an hour. I’d recommend Hurricane Ridge, which is about a 1.5 hr drive west. If you’re not bringing a car, then I think you’re going to get bored.

We’ll bring a car. We’re in Birch Bay.

Maybe we can go out to the Dungeness Spit for some crabbage, or go see what’s what in Sequim.

I liked Fort Worden State Park, you can hike around there and see all the old gun batteries. There are a couple museums there too, but I haven’t been so I can’t recommend them. The officer housing is Victorian architecture, so you can check it out while you are there!

As for restaurants, I ate T’s, it is very good if Fine Dining is what you are looking for.

I loved the interpretive sign that I saw there. It said, “ENJOY THE SPIT”

Roomie works the graveyard shift (Oops! Not supposed to call it that! :stuck_out_tongue: ) Friday night/Saturday morning, so Saturday is out. Wherever we go, it will be on Sunday. I get up at 0425 on Monday.

Port Townsend is much nicer than Sequim, although there’s not a whole lot to do in either town. It’s fun going if there’s some event taking place that you want to attend. If you go this weekend, you can see the Flying Karamozov Brothers. Pt. Townsend is worth going to at least once. It’s quite beautiful. Here’s a guide.

If you like old cars, check out Bergstrom’s on Washington St. - between Taylor and Adams.

Roomie said she wants to visit Port Townsend because she’d heard it’s pretty. Of course we’re expecting rain Sunday.

I had to call my counterpart (and former coworker) in SoCal today. She visited her sister on Camano Island several years ago. She said they went to Port Townsend and walked around looking at houses.

I was trying to recall the name of that place!

The forecast called for showers today, so we decided not to go to Port Townsend. Of course it’s somewhat sunny outside now. (No idea what it looks like 100+ miles south.) We’ll just run down to Fairhaven so roomie can do a little shopping, and have lunch at Colophon Café (smoked salmon bagel melt and African peanut soup).

Next time you want to go somewhere new and it’s raining out, go to Sequim, where it almost never rains.