Daylight Savings 2020

And let me be the first to wish a Happy Daylight Savings event for affected Dopers.

Shouldn’t that be Daylight Saving Time?

I just realized I have no idea if this is the first 1:43 or the second. I assume because you made that post, this is the second. I guess I could check other clocks in the house. I’ll have to eventually.

Even as I just opened this thread to read it, my clock went from 01:59 to 01:00.

Now I get to reset all the rest of my clocks that don’t reset themselves.

Daylight Spending Time. More of your daylight is spent in the evening, leaving less for the morning when you really want it. It’s like credit cards or the national debt.

Isn’t it that we go back to local standard time now? We regain the hour we lost going on Daylight Savings.

Geez Wayne. I did this a month ago already.

So that’s why I felt like I was sleeping in this morning. My alarm clock changed automagically overnight so instead of getting up at 7:00 it was (in effect) 8:00, and I couldn’t understand why I felt so rested.

In other words, I thought the change was next week.

Perhaps it should be Daylight Saving Time. But it takes sacrifice to save money and effort to save Private Ryan. Isn’t it more fun when the savings are passed along? Anyhoo, it was really just meant as a reminder.

Thank God I saw this thread! The event had slipped by me completely! Thank you for letting me know! Now to set all my clocks!

Don’t you mean “Savings Private Ryan”?

I’ll pass that along.

My sympathies go out to all pet owners who didn’t get to sleep in due to hungry critters. When we lived where folks changed their clocks, the cats didn’t mind getting their breakfast early but loudly protested having it moved back an hour.

It’s pretty bad when you wake up at 1pm after the clocks have gone back an hour. :frowning:

Let’s see now. This is when I change from ET+12 over to CT+12.

OMG! It started getting dark at 17:30 today! The long cold nuclear winter is upon us!

Nobody set my cat’s clock back yet.

Why couldn’t they make it the last Sunday of October so the kids could have an extra hour of darkness for Trick-or-Treat?

Yes. We’re back to normal time now.

Our daily “routine” varies by more than an hour every day anyway, so our animals never got learned when breakfast was. They stayed loose, like us.