Daytime Emmy Awards: Dick Clark Is Orange?

I haven’t watched the Daytime Emmys to the end, but have it on DVR and we watched the first half hour before SO had to go to work.
They did an honor segment for Dick Clark and American Bandstand.
Now, I am fully aware Dick Clark had a stroke and cannot speak well - but seriously, who in the hell did his make-up?!
The dude was ORANGE…it had nothing to do with real skin color - it was flat out orange and stuck out like it was about three inches thick of pancake make up.
There used to be the old adage/joke that Dick Clark was really Dorian Gray in disguise and never aged - but this was ridiculous.

I haven’t seen the Daytime Emmys.

Dick Clark does not look good at all. I’m fairly sure it’s the makeup artist overcompensating for Clark’s rather pallid skin tone. That’s usually what it is, it seems.

Now John Boehner, on the other hand, looks like he’s the Gentleman from Loompaland. I have no idea what his excuse is.