Dayum! "Sesame Street" really used to Rock & Roll!

Somebody showed me this clip and I just had to share it: Stevie Wonder just wailing on an early “Sesame Street” - yes, Sesame Street! - episode. And I love the kids on the balcony grooving away to it. Just awesome. How come they don’t make kids’ shows like this anymore?

Maybe the songs were better then. Here’s James Taylor on Sesame Street with, um, someone I know.

[WARNING: Little kids singing loudly.]

This will stick in your head for hours and I apologize, but it’s pretty cool, no?

I think you might like pancake mountain:

Not only did it rock but it’s been hip when it was hip to be hep.

I haven’t seen the show recently, but recall Los Lobos doing a song for them circa 1993.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers wanted to do a bit for them, but some unfortunate legal troubles derailed the appearance.

Before I looked, I knew this was gonna be that crazy little girl groovin’ to Superstition…


REM’s Fury Happy Monsters: Totally rocked.

Don’t Eat The Pictures was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. Heck, I’d probably still love it now. I’d certainly understand more of the jokes (“Osiris is the lord of the underworld.” “You mean he’s a gangster?”)

Well…sometimes they try to make kids’ shows like this. In 2006, Cartoon Network had a show on called “Class of 3000” with Andre 3000 from Outkast, and it had some REALLY cool songs on it, but it bombed and was gone in two seasons.

Frankly, except for the songs, the show pretty much sucked. The art was different and cool, but the storylines were tired and the writing sort of boring.

Still, check out “Throwdown” sometime. Good song.

I would have bet my life savings ($4) that that was the video you were going to link to. It is well and truly awesome.

The Electric Company has had some really good music on it lately. As a matter of fact, I’m rather mad at their website for not letting me find out who the guests are or even who the Music Man is.

My theory? It’s 'cause Jim Henson isn’t around anymore. Totally reinforced when I saw the Jim Henson exhibit at Seattle’s Experience Music Project last fall. Dude was the coolest evar.

This is what I immediately thought of when I read the thread title, though I don’t think Henson had anything to do with it:
Pointers Sisters’ 12

Though I should have thought of this one, which Henson did do:
Rocks roll in desert 12

Some of his pre-Sesame Street work, which also rocks:
Jim Henson’s Time Piece

by Grace Slick and company

Jim Henson is almost a god to me, but Sesame Street still does stuff with cool current music. My favorite recent one is Feist’s 1,2,3,4.

Not only is it a good song, but you got to love the choreography and the camera angles.

*"**We all live in a capital I
In the middle of the desert
In the center of the sky
And all day long we polish on the I
To keep it clean and shiny
So it brightens up the sky
Rubbing it here
And scrubbing it there
Polishing the I
So high in the air *"

I see you one Stevie Wonder and raise you…

Is that Blue Lou Marini playing sax in Stevie’s band?

If you like that clip, you’ll love this one of Stevie on Sesame Street.

That. Was. Awesome.

Oh man! I loved all that music when I was a kid! I’d totally forgotten about it, but I remember how wistful it made me feel…

There was never a proper poll asking who was the COOLEST. FREAKIN’. GUY. of the century. If there had been, Cab Calloway would’ve won.