Dazzle me with your computer specs.

Well, whatcha got?


Athlong 64 mobile 3000
1 gig ram
60 gig drive
15.4 inch wide screen
radeon mobility 9600 video processor

Packard Bell Legend Supreme 1985
333MHz Processor
6.4 G HD, 128 M RAM (Now. I hunted down two sticks at a little computer store just this side of the ghetto. Living in the city has its advantages).
I’m just happy that the screen is not green.
2 CD drives, one RW, one broken.
1 DVD-ROM, not installed, awaiting a better computer.

I’ve got one of those too. Shame on Dell for not installing enough ports on the motherboard. :frowning:


Athlon 64 X2
3 gig of ram!

I can only use 1 gig of ram at the moment - that’s the limit for 32bit Windows. Someone’s testing how 64 bit XP works with the network, so it’s not a mere indulgence. Soon I will be able to invert some really big matrices. It’s never enough though.

A few kilos of sexiness,
A vat of zoom,
And a lot of shiny.
Sorry. I’ll leave you to it now.

I have a G-5 iMac 74.5 Gb hard drive
768 Mb RAM
1.8 GHz processor.
LCD 17"
Resolution: 1152 x 720
Depth: 32-bit Color

Built-in CD/DVD burner

32 bit Windows (assuming you mean Windows NT and its descendants), can use 4 GB; two for the OS and two for applications. WinNT 4 introduced a version that shifted that slightly to 3 GB for applications and 1 GB for the OS; I’m not sure if they kept that configuration, or allow it with the more modern versions as an option.

My system is a 3.8 GHz Pentium 4 w/on-board Gigabit NIC, on-board audio (Dolby Digital 7.1), 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon X850 XT PE card, 2x250 GB SATA drives in a RAID0 array, and a DVD-RAM drive. I use it with a pair of Samsung 19" flat panel monitors. I have a SoundBlaster Extigy USB sound card that I’m not currently using because it doesn’t offer any material benefit over the on-board audio.

I also have a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 w/Gigabit NIC [add-in], on-board audio, 1 GB RAM, ATI 9550 video, one 160 GB drive and one 20 GB drive, a DVD-ROM and a CD+/-R drive. I use the latter exclusively for Linux and/or BSD. I have a Samsung 17" flat panel for that box.

AMD Athlon 2200+ with 512MB RAM, a motley collection of hard drives totalling 360 GB, a DVD reader and a DVD writer, a dual-head ATI Radeon 9000 driving two hand-me-down 17-inch monitors, an SB Live sound card, a borrowed DV-500 video-processing card, and a floppy drive.

Last hardware update was 2.5 years ago; it’s due for another. A couple more sticks of RAM will do nicely, but the system really needs to be rebuilt. I’m looking at an AMD 64 x2, for example. How well does 32-bit WIndows work on a 64-bit AMD?

ASUS NCCH DL Motherboard, Xeon Dual CPU (3GHz each), 1Gb RAM, GeForce4 MX 4000, 2x160Gb Maxtor = 300Gb HDD space, Philips 170B flatscreen monitor, ASUS 1608P DVD burner

I got it exclusively for 3D Graphics rendering.

AMD Athlon 2100+, 80 gig HD, 1024 mb ram, Radeon 7600 video, 1 CDR, 1 DVD player, 8 slot memory card reader, and brand new 19" flat screen moniter. It’s good enough for what I do.

DFI Lanparty NF3 Ultra-D mobo, AMD Athlon64 3700+ San Diego, 2GB OCZ Platinum Rev 2, ATI Sapphire Atlantis 9800 Pro 256MB (see below), Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum, Thermaltake Dream Tsunami tower, Thermaltake MCV-6400 CPU Heatsink.

Unfortunately, I built this system strictly for gaming purposes, and I’ve had to send my Sapphire 9800 Pro in for replacement twice. As we speak, it is back at Sapphire Tech’s place and they’re sending me a third.

Fair warning to you guys, do not buy one of these video cards from Sapphire, they’re full of defects and if you send it in for replacement, they’ll send you a refurb that can’t run reliably at stock clock speeds. At least that’s what they did to me. Let’s hope their ears are still burning from my phone call and I get a brand new one this time around.


Mine is black with a shiny silvery part on the front. It’s pretty.
I don’t know what’s in it - my husband bought it for me one day to stop my whining about the Sims running too slow :smiley:

Dell 670, Dual 3.2ghz Xeon, 2GB RAM
ATI x850, Dual 23" HP 2335 monitors.
Home theatre receiver, surround speakers and subwoofer.

A bargain-basement gaming computer, put together only a few weeks ago:

ASUS A8N-E motherboard, Athlon 64 3500+ Venice, 2x512MB PC3200 Corsair, Western Digital 320GB SATA, eVGA GeForce 6600GT PCI Express, BenQ 16X Dual Layer DVD±RW, Antec TruePower 2.0 TP-II 430W PSU, and a salvaged case, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and 19" and 17" Trinitron monitors.

Designed for upgradability; sometime in the spring I’ll add another gigabyte or two of RAM, and in 12-18 months switch out the video card, and in a few years add a dual-core CPU.

Odd, Sapphire in my experience is a top tier card maker - IIRC, Sapphire is the company that actually makes most ATI branded cards as well. Seems odd to me that you went with a high end CPU and midrange graphics card - you probalby would have been better off form gaming with an Athlon 64 3000/3200+ and say a Radeon x800XL or Geforce 7800GT or something.

Anyways, my machine is an Athlon 64 2800+, overclocked to 2.25ghz, 1GB Corsair Value Select RAM, and a Sapphire Radeon x800xl video card, with an Asus K8N nforce 3 motherboard.


ABIT nForce 2 Ultra 400 Motherboard
Athlon XP 200+ 1.8GHz
512 MB DDR RAM, Dual Channel
250 GB HDD space (120 GB WD Caviar, 30 GB Maxtor, 60 GB WD)
52x24x52 Sony CD-RW
Pioneer DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Burner (CD-R: 40X CD-RW: 32X DVD+R: 16X DVD+R DL: 8X DVD+RW: 8X DVD-R: 16X DVD-R DL: 8X DVD-ROM: 16X DVD-RW: 6X)
NVidia GeForce FX 5200 AGP 128 MB DDR graphics card
Samsung 17" Flat Screen CRT
Enermax 420W Power Supply
2 80 mm case fans
Belkin 2 port KVM with hotkey switching
It has a floppy drive too, but it makes me sad to list that with the real hardware.

Athlon64 3000+ (Overclocked to ~3600+ speeds)
1GB RAM (dual channel)
520 GB Total HDs (3 internal, one external)
Radeon 9600 Pro (weak point, but still plays most current games well…doesn’t do well with F.E.A.R., though…my next upgrade)
SB Live Value (also going to upgrade this to SB X-Fi)
DVD+/-RW DL drive
WinXP Home
self built.

Gateway Solo 2150 1.5

500 MHz Intel Pentium III
288 MB 100MHz SDRAM
14.1 inch Active Matrix TFT at 1024 x 768, 18 bit color
ATI Rage Mobility-M with 4 MB SDRAM
Creative SB PCI64V EV1938
24x CD-ROM
1.44 Floppy Drive
1 USB port
1 Serial port
1 Parallel port
56K winmodem
802.11b Orinoco-based PCMCIA adapter
Ubuntu Linux v4.10 “Breezy Badger”