DC Comics to reboot-yet again.

As reported by Bleeding Cool, it looks like DC is going to start over yet again with #1 issues. Here’s a thought, DC: Just rename your company Reboot Comics, and make ALL issues #1. :smack:

This is a big part of why I just stopped caring about Marvel and DC over the years.

Well, thank god, it’s been almost a year since the last one. Readers were getting bored.

And in that almost year, they have revealed Supe’s secret identity, took away most of his powers, gave him the powers of a god, had him dump LL and take up with WW, then they revealed that the original Supes and LL from several retcons ago were secretly living on the current Earth and raising a kid. His power set and uniform hasn’t been the same two issues in a row-you might as well call each issue a reboot.

Oh, cool. I just got all my old comics back from when they did a reboot back in the 80’s; I’ll just re-read those again.

Yeah, we have the trade paperback edition of COIE and Infinite Crisis upstairs. I’ll just read those again.

According to current canon, neither of those events even happened.

Even better, they’ll be all new stories then!

Ugh. Will they do a major massive all-titles crossover again? The last one stank.

(The last Marvel all-titles crossover also stank.)

These guys need to learn from their successful titles, like Gotham Academy and Harley Quinn. Wonder Woman is also being pretty good at this time.

Just sit down and tell us a story, godammit!

Now that’s value for your money!

I’m glad all my memories of Supie, et. al. are firmly stuck in the 1960’s.

And that last man has gone to the crux of the matter. The comic publishers keep writing themselves into corners because they keep trying to come up with something that will shake up the canon and outdo whatever came before… yet at the same time pretending there IS a canon being followed. Which results in either “breaking” something about the established universe that then becomes hard to work around, or creating an all new canon straitjacket. Has any of them bothered asking if THAT is what the readers want?

I gave up on DC a while back. I’m looking at the occasional Superman issue to see how they’re ruining the legend this month, but that’s it. I miss Legion, I miss the 2000s married Superman with the super-cool Lois. I miss understanding continuity.

Marvel seems to be having fun–I’m not sure of the exact status quo (mainly with regards to how/what the Ultimate characters remember) but at Marvel, there’s a sense of excitement and trial. DC seems to have given up and are just grinding out schlock.

Unless the reboot gives us back a real Superman (normal power set, a non-stupid Lois*) shorts on the outside, Flash and Iris back together, Wonder Woman with her real origin back, etc. I’m not going to even bother.

*She revealed his identity because…she was afraid someone else would and that would put people at risk? I only skimmed the issue but…if I understood correctly…what???

Marvel’s never actually rebooted their universe.

Isn’t that what they’re doing right now?

Convergence was a soft reboot so when I saw the thread title I assumed that is what this was about. But starting over yet again? Ugh…

Sort of, but not really.

For their big Summer Secret Wars crossover, they blew up the entire Marvel multiverse. At the end of the event, the multiverse was put back together. There was a lot of speculation about how much of a reboot this would be - if they’d wanted, it could have been something on the scale of DC’s New 52 a few years back. But it looks like, for the most part, Marvel isn’t changing anything that had happened before Secret Wars. There’s been an eight month time skip to allow them to set up some big changes (Peter Parker’s a billionaire now, Cyclops is dead, some other stuff like that) but most of those changes are built on things that were established before Secret Wars happened. So far as I’ve seen, nothing that happened in the mainline 616 universe has been undone by the event.

The “sort of” comes from the Ultimate Marvel universe. Part of the reason for Secret Wars was that Marvel was discontinuing the Ultimate 'verse, and Secret Wars allowed them to fold some characters from that universe into 616. So, Miles Morales, from Ultimate Spider-Man, is alive and living in 616 - and as far as anyone except a small handful of people at the center of events in Secret Wars knows, has always lived in the 616 'verse. And some parts of his past are changed because of it: his mom (and dad? I never really followed Ultimate Spider-Man) had been killed in the Ultimate universe, but has been resurrected in 616. But even that’s an in-universe retcon. Miles was one of that small handful of people who remember what happened during Secret Wars, and had his family restored as a reward for helping the demiurge responsible for rebuilding the Marvel multiverse.

There’s a few other changes - Squadron Supreme is now officially part of the 616 universe, too - but for the most part, Marvel’s comics picked up right where they’d left off before this Summer.

So what happened to the 616 Miles Morales, whom Peter looked up online at the end of “Spider Men”?

If not addressed, probably a future story…?

Any bets that Namor will “stay dead?” I say we see him in comics again before 2017.

(I’ve also noticed hints and marginal appearances of The Watcher.)

Oh, death, where is thy sting, and grave thy victory?

(I give a lot of credit to DC for leaving Oliver Queen – Green Arrow – dead for as long as they did. It really looked as if they were going to let him rest in peace.)

I’m still confused about in what sense the New 52 thing was a reboot. I’m admittedly a pretty lackadaisical follower of comic books, but so far as I could tell, they didn’t really reboot anything except the issue numbers.