DC Dopers: Help me pick a doctor

With my new adult job I have an adult choice ahead of me: I have to pick a primary care physician for my health insurance. I’m looking for a really good doctor who’s suited to what I need that works in downtown DC (the closer to Dupont Circle, the better). I also have asthma, which requires regular use of inhalers and the occasional flare-up that requires a hospital visit, though I haven’t been admitted in years.

So… anyone know any good doctors who fit this description? If you know anyone, let me know; hopefully they’re in my plan’s network (it’s Blue Cross, btw). Thanks!

Okay. Nobody’s responded yet.
Tried and true: ask around of people you trust.
In strange situations here’s what I have done:
Look in the Yellow Pages under Physicians and find the one closest to you with NO advertising.
Just a listing does it for me.
THIS Doctor got his/her complimentary listing and left it at that. He/she already has enough business.

Mrs. F. and I have a primary physician that we’re quite happy with. But she’s down in Calvert County; that’s probably a bit out of your way.