DC's Legends of Tomorrow conundrum?

So by now we’ve all heard a third DC comic book show is going to be spinning off on CW but as much as I love the idea I don’t see how the characters they picked make any sense. Mixing super villains such as Captain Cold and Heat Wave with superheros doesn’t seem to work practically. Add onto the fact that Caity Lotz who played Black Canary is dead and they want her on the show???

I’m wondering about the Rogues, too, but as to Caity Lotz…

First, they’re not saying she’ll be playing the same character (far as I can see, they haven’t mentioned who she’ll be playing). It would hardly be the first franchise to reuse actors (even major actors).

Second, even if she is… It’s called Legends of Tomorrow, and Rip Hunter is one of the announced characters. It’s clearly Timey-Wimey. Could be from before she died…from an alternate timeline…time could have been altered to remove that (though probably not)…

I’ve heard that possibility as well that RIP Hunter goes back in time and saves her before she dies but that is just going to mess up the timeline for How this seasons The Arrow and even The Flash went so…yeah.

I will say this as much as I love the big names of the Justice League with Superman and Batman being them I’m glad they aren’t being involved here because it’s nice to see a more creative approach being used for once.

Oh and most def would have picked someone else to play Hawk girl.

Oh and most def would have picked someone else to play Hawk girl. Christina Hendricks, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kat Dennings, Kate Upton, and Adrianne Palicki. When I think of more I’ll post em.


I assume you’re not familiar with either version of Kendra, because Ms Renee is as close to a perfect choice as I could think of, whereas none of the ones you suggest would even be on my ‘let her audition’ list.

I dunno about Capt. Cold, but my main comics exposure to Heat Wave was when he was reformed and an ally of Superboy.

Sounds almost like it could be a DCified version of Marvel’s old Exiles concept, various other timeline version of various characters.

I still wouldn’t put Caity Lotz in it, though. Wow she was awful on Arrow. Almost as bad as whatsername that plays Iris on Flash.

Well that’s just it I would be using the Shiera Sanders Hall version which the women I mentioned would fit perfectly.