De boids is choiping! [Anyone ID this bird from its song?]

Aah, Manhattan in the spring! Open windows, the sound of fresh sirens on the avenue, the shoosh of the vernal traffic…

We’ve got a bird come to visit our neighborhood. The GF says it’s driving her nuts. “It can’t get its song right, and I end up sitting here waiting for it to make a mistake. I’m going to have to kill it”

Then she asks “What kind of bird is that?”

Umm, do I look like I know birds? I can recognize some of them if I can see them (that’s a peacock. that one’s an ostrich) but by sound? Not me, sorry.

“Well ask your friends on the Dope, can you do that?”

Yeah, sure! Birdie

Anyone know?
ETA: She says to tell you that the initial four-note sequence in the recording is what it does the most often.

That is an American Robin. Very common here in Michigan too. Noisy little buggers.

Yep, Robin.