De-cannonize a plot point

Hey, there were a few good episodes, like “Ship in a Bottle”, and…“Ship in a Bottle”!
[sub]And the Q ones, Year of Hell, Barclay/Troi episodes, and that one where Harry died, but only until just before he came back[/sub]

Peter Parker would never have gotten married.

Wolverine’s origin STAYS HIDDEN. :mad:

I agree about Jean Grey staying dead. It cheapened every bit of sorrow or guilt the other X-Men ever felt when she came back.

Also, when Doug Ramsey was revealed to be a mutant. After that Marvel decided that anybody who was good at card tricks or had any skill whatsoever was a mutant.

The Beyonder and his damn Secret Wars never happens.

Willow becoming “addicted” to magic.

That, or Boba Fett falling into the Sarlacc Pit

I think you could find legions to follow you if that’s your cause.

So many posts and no one has mentioned the obvious one, yet:

Jar-Jar Binks


Kirkland1244: I would de-canonized every last frame of Voyager.

**Tars Tarkas: **Hey, there were a few good episodes, like “Ship in a Bottle”, and…“Ship in a Bottle”!

Of course you mean “Message in a Bottle.” “Ship in a Bottle” was also a fine show, but it was TNG.

I had trouble coming up with my own suggestion, apparently because it’s easy enough to simply blank from one’s memory the travesties inflicted on cherished sagas. Then I remembered one, and yes, it’s a Trek one…

Sisko’s Mom is a Wormhole Alien? Not in my universe, she ain’t!

Why do you have a problem with Sisko’s Mama?

Tasha Yar and Worf would have made a great couple …

The Doctor Who TV movie. All of it. It never existed.

Speaking of which: “Zeist”.

Solved Lucas’ love triangle quite nicely though.

Oh, wait, it was GL’s plan all along…

Everything that’s happened in the Star Trek universe since TNG went off the air. That includes the last three films, all of Voyager, all of Enterprise, and all of DS9 except for the first two seasons.

The Phantom Menace. All of it.

Everything that’s happened on Buffy since the episode “Tabula Rasa”.

DS9’s first two seasons were horrid compared to the last three.

And given the way the Voyager writers ruined Q, wrecked the Borg and mucked up every single rule of time travel, I’d like to take them out of continiuty. Not just the show, but the vile writers as well. Create a new pit of Hell for Brannon Braga.

Oz leaving.
Buffy being unable to love/accept Spike
Giles leaving
Johnathan Frakes being cast

There are two things… get rid of that damned 2-second scene in TESB where an asteroid hits the bridge of a Star Destroyer, and/or get rid of the bit in ROTJ where an A-wing crashing into the Executor disables it.

Why? I don’t think those are bad scenes, mind you… just that they’ve brought up WAY too many questions and points of contention among the fanboy universe.

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